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Kitchen Design Philadelphia

The majority of projects completed by HomeTech Renovations, Inc.have been installed throughout Bucks and Montgomery Counties of Pennsylvania.  Over the past 30 years, we frequently been asked and invited by other design professionals to consult clients who are considering a kitchen or bath project in downtown Philadelphia, PA.  Center City Philadelphia is a vibrant place to work and presents the usual logistics based on the nature of the older infrastructure commonly found in most older, historic cities. Recently we were introduced to a new kitchen project in Philadelphia, in a neighborhood more specifically known as Washington Square East.

Philadelphia is highly known for its history.  The federal style of architecture and historically preserved homes are a big part of Philly’s culture, yet lately we’ve been seeing a popular trend sweeping across many areas of Pennsylvania.  This new trend is designing contemporary spaces in some not-so-contemporary homes, which is exactly what HomeTechRenovations, Inc.has been executing in our newest kitchen design project.  One way we have achieved this new design is by using our trusted cabinet manufacturers, Holiday Kitchens, contemporary cabinet line called Cucina Di Festa.

Cucina Di Festa is an alternate line of cabinets by Holiday Kitchens that provide a sleek, more modern look than its other lines.  The Cucina line, although an Italian name, is American made for over 60 years along with all of Holiday’s products made in Wisconsin. Their kitchen products will work wonders in your remodel as they provide function and beauty with style.  Some of the ways they achieve this modern style is by their vast selection of foil doors, and other options, such as aluminum and stainless steel doors as well.  Foil doors are made out of medium density fiber board (MDF) covered in a thin layer of heat-fused vinyl or laminate that creates a uniform and smooth surface with no color variations or streaks.The thin layer of vinyl or laminate not only creates a non-porous surface that doesn’t hold dirt which makes these types of kitchen cabinet doors very easy to clean, but also exemplifies that seamless look you would want in a modern or contemporary design.

As far as HomeTech’s usage of the Cucina Di Festa line, it is new to us and we are having a blast exploring all the different options that the Cucina line offers in our kitchen design in Philadelphia.  Our newest project uses a slab door from the Acrilux Metropolitan Gallery finished in a high gloss wenge foil as well as a high gloss white foil for added contrast.


HomeTech Renovations, Inc. is excited and proud to add this project to our list, and as it is still being developed.  Weurge you to keep your eyes peeled on our website and Facebook page for updates and photos of this contemporary Philadelphia kitchen design! We urge all Philadelphians to call us at 215-646-7477 to discuss your needs.

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