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Vintage bathrooms remain incredibly popular because of their timeless charm. A vintage bathroom is all about timeless decor, shapes, and patterns from bygone eras. Although a vintage style is easy to create, it needs to be well executed. Get that vintage feel in your bathroom with these vintage bathroom ideas from HomeTech Renovations!

Elements that Make a Vintage Bathroom

When it comes to vintage bathroom designs, several key elements can contribute to a timeless and vintage aesthetic. These elements include:

Vintage Bathroom Tile

Timeless tiles play a significant role in transporting you back to the bygone eras. To achieve a timeless look in your bathroom, go for neutral, earthy tiles. Some traditional tiles to incorporate into your vintage bathroom include the checkerboard, subway, and hexagon tiles. Subway tiles are a good choice for both walls and floors. On the other hand, hexagonal tiles add a retro feel to any bathroom.

Neutral Wall Colors

Wall color is a very important aspect of a vintage bathroom. Selecting a white palette will give your bathroom a timeless feel that you will love for years to come. You do not necessarily have to use white; instead, try shades like muted orange or cobalt blue. Also, dark hues are very popular when it comes to vintage bathrooms. Neutral paint also never goes out of style. They create a calming environment and add warmth to the space. The tip is to avoid trendy colors that will go out of style.

Statement Sink

To achieve a vintage feel, opt for a pedestal sink. Pedestal sinks are great for a vintage bathroom because of their simple but beautiful styles. Their basins are fixed to the floor as well as the wall. A ceramic pedestal sink can come in a variety of colors that will complement your vintage bathroom. Choose an antique brass finish for bathroom sink faucets to get an aged feel. Remember to avoid sleek and modern sinks.

Decorative Accents

No vintage bathroom is complete without adding your favorite decor finds. For decor that will stand the test of time, choose options that will complement your aesthetic rather than trendy ones. Vintage decor can add character to your bathroom, tell a story, or give your space a sense of history. Choose decor pieces that stand out and create visual interest, and hint at eras gone. You can incorporate vintage pieces such as vanity mirrors, rugs, lamps, artwork, or shower curtains. A great place to start is incorporating vintage wall art that may feature subtle prints in floral themes. Whether it is a vintage poster, painting, or photograph, they will bring a sense of history to your space.

Vintage Lighting

Another way to add a vintage touch to your bathroom is through lighting. An old-fashioned light fixture can reinforce the vintage style. Install vintage-inspired light fixtures such as wall sconces with exposed build to illuminate the space with a cozy glow.

Clawfoot Antique Tubs

A popular element in history is the claw-foot tubs. With their curved lines and ornate feet, these freestanding tubs can instantly become the space’s focal point. Pair it with a vintage-inspired shower curtain and fixtures for a complete vintage look.

Bathroom Renovations in Pennsylvania by HomeTech Renovations 

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Vintage Bathrooms Designs & Remodeling Ideas

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