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While HomeTech Renovations is known more for its award-winning kitchen and bathroom remodeling service, we can provide expert additions and renovations to any room of your home. We work hands-on with all of our clients to take your vision and transform it into an outstanding finished project with our quality design work, attention to detail, skilled craftsmanship, and reliable customer service. 

Ever since the start of the pandemic, we have seen an incredible rise in companies offering work-from-home flexibility, or even switching to fully remote working operations. This has also led to a rise in home office remodels, with the need for a comfortable and functioning space becoming even more crucial. 

If you are looking to update your large home office design or hoping to transform your small home office space into a better-functioning room, our complimentary design consultation will help come up with unique ideas to fit your needs. 

Benefits of a Home Office Remodel

With remote work becoming a new normal for many people, you are likely spending a lot more time in your home office than previously before. Don’t settle for a makeshift home office or just throw a desk in the corner of your bedroom. Having a well-thought-out home office layout will have many benefits for you.

  • More productive workdays
  • Increased organized 
  • Better work-life balance
  • Remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the day
  • Professional backdrop for virtual meetings

Things to Keep in Mind

Have you ever been sitting at work and wishing you can move things around or thought of changes you would like to make? Your home office layout is your own space and our design team can tailor everything to your specific needs and taste. While your space should ultimately be an environment that is suitable for your comfort and productivity, here are some things to consider when planning your home office design.

  • Optimal light and noise levels – Good lighting can reduce headaches and eye fatigue while you work. Natural light is ideal if your home layout allows for it. If you live with other people, try and find a quiet place where you will be able to get your work done.
  • A view and sightlines that will keep you focused – While some people like the endorphins released by natural light, others can get distracted by things happening outside. Set up calming art, motivational quotes, or photos that will help you remain focused and motivated throughout the day. 
  • Storage and organization options – Clutter around your workspace can make it hard to remain productive. Storage space can help you remain organized and easily find any files or documents you may need.
  • Access to outlets for computers and phone chargers – Make sure your desk is set up with easy access to outlets for your electronic devices and charging stations. 
  • Large desk and comfortable chair – Give yourself ample space to work, with plenty of room for a computer, any papers, and even a cup of coffee so you don’t feel cluttered. 

HomeTech Renovations Home Office Remodel

In this new world that we live in with work-from-home situations being more of the norm, you deserve to have an office layout that will maximize your productivity, creativity, and of course your comfort. HomeTech Renovations will help you throughout the entire process from design ideas to remodeling and installations to give you the ideal home office setup. To learn more about how HomeTech Renovations can take your home office to the next level, contact us today.

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