Spa Bathrooms


Your bathroom is arguably one of the most used spaces in your home. It’s where you begin your day and end a long evening brushing your teeth or relaxing in a bath. Your bathroom should evoke feelings of relaxation, not unhappiness. Whether you’re hoping to turn your current bathroom into your own oasis or just want to change a few elements to make it more welcoming, you can bring the feeling of being at a spa into the comfort of your home with a luxury bathroom design by HomeTech Renovations! 


Ideas for Creating a Spa Bathroom

There are several upgrades and renovations we can perform to transform your modest bathroom into the spa-like oasis you desire. Add ambiance to your current space with these clever spa-style bathroom ideas! 

Install a rain shower

Upgrade your shower experience with a rainfall shower head!

Relax in a soaking tub

Elevate bathtime with a soaking tub featuring custom height water jets and heat controls for stress and muscular therapy.

Add gold accents

Adding golden accents gives your new bathroom remodel a more luxurious feel. Try incorporating gold throughout your space—on cabinet handles, the mirror frame, and the faucet. 

Radiant heat floors

Up the comfort level in your new spa bathroom with radiant heat flooring! Not only does it warm your feet after stepping out of a shower, but the entire room will also feel more comfortable with this upgrade.  

Add ambient lighting

Dimmer lights or dreamy chandeliers make the space feel more relaxing. 

Natural beauty 

Neutral tones paired with a simple palette of natural products, like white oak or striped marble, give your bathroom remodel a truly tranquil feel. 

Add more storage

Nothing says calm and tranquil like an organized bathroom. Opt for more storage space during your bathroom remodel and corral excess products behind cabinets or inside storage bins. 

Set up surround sound

Most spas play soothing music or nature sounds to add to the relaxing ambiance. Adding a Bluetooth stereo speaker into the exhaust fan allows you to play your favorite songs or calming sounds without worrying about getting your phone wet. 


Our Spa Bathroom Design Process

While each project is customized to your unique needs and situation, our approach is often the same for each client. After you contact us, we promptly schedule your complimentary consultation. During your consultation, our team listens to your ideas and plans a design and layout based on your requirements. From floor plans to backsplashes, tubs, showers, and light fixtures, HomeTech Renovations Inc. has everything you need to bring your dream bathroom to life. 


Spa Bathrooms Created by HomeTech Renovations 

Are you dreaming of a spa-style bathroom with amenities similar to your favorite spa? Then check out HomeTech Renovations of Greater Philadelphia! Our professional design team is here to help you create a space that boasts fabulous features and fixtures like steam showers, luxury fixtures, and freestanding soaking tubs.

Our team has years of experience and expertise in bathroom remodeling and design and is ready to guide you through the entire process. Our comprehensive approach is simple; we want to keep your new bathroom project on time and budget while ensuring you have a stress and hassle-free experience. The entire time your wants and needs are top of mind so we can create a space that offers function, storage, and relaxation.

We proudly service the greater Philadelphia, PA area, including Montgomery County and Bucks County. To learn more about our services or receive a complimentary consultation, contact us today at 215-646-7477.

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