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A contemporary kitchen design is a decorative style that marries both the present and future. It often includes the use of trendy materials and cutting-edge technology. The style is ever-changing due to the availability of new materials and technology. If you are looking for a luxury vibe, discover beautiful contemporary kitchen ideas from HomeTech Renovations and understand the elements of this modern style.


What Does Contemporary Mean?

Contemporary means occurring in the present. It is a style that is adaptable. Meaning it is not necessarily tied to a specific period as it keeps evolving. It is comfortable, airy, and welcoming. In the contemporary style, less is more. Therefore, there is a huge emphasis on simplicity, giving you an urban appeal. What Exactly is Contemporary Kitchen Style?

The hallmarks of a contemporary kitchen style are sleek materials, open floor plans, and clean lines. Once you enter a contemporary kitchen, you will be greeted with neutral color palettes and abundant natural lighting. 


Elements of a Contemporary Kitchen

A contemporary kitchen has unique elements that include:


Contemporary style is about simple and smart storage solutions. Therefore, you will find cabinets are hidden or unexpected. Cabinets are frameless and use simple accessories. The cabinets have flat panel doors to create a clean and elegant look. This slab-like appeal contributes to the minimalist feel of contemporary style. Rather than ornamental cabinets, opt for simple cabinetry with uncluttered designs. 


The countertops are often streamlined and have a clean look. Large quartz, granite, or marble countertops are a staple in a contemporary kitchen design. These materials come in various patterns and color schemes to fit your style. Their natural colors offer a simplistic touch to the kitchen. 

Pops of Color and Bold Patterns

Although neutral colors are popular in contemporary kitchen designs, bold colors can be used to play against the palette. Vibrant colors are used together with neutral ones to create a harmonious and sophisticated look throughout the kitchen. Pops of color are used on accent walls to create a focal point. For instance, you can add a colorful piece of art against a neutral-painted wall. Color can also be incorporated into your two-toned cabinetry to reflect your personality. 

In contemporary kitchens, bold patterns are used to create a visual interest and enliven the kitchen space. Geometric patterns give the kitchen a subtle vibe and add interest to your kitchen. The patterns are often used in light fixtures, furnishings, wall decor, and windows. 

Space and Lighting

The contemporary kitchen features large open spaces. As a result, open-plan layouts are common. For instance, the kitchen, dining area, or lounging space flows together seamlessly, allowing users to interact effectively without the wall barriers.

Natural lighting is a significant consideration in this kitchen design. Therefore, the windows are large enough to allow as much natural light as possible. Most contemporary kitchens also use track lighting, which helps you achieve abundant and adjustable light. Other lighting options are recessed and pendant lights, which can be used for different tasks. Also, under-cabinet lighting creates a sleek ambiance for the kitchen space.


Create a Stylish and Functional Space with HomeTech Renovations

If you are looking for a sleek and clutter-free kitchen design in Bucks County and its environs, a contemporary kitchen is your go-to design. Look no further than HomeTech Renovations for your kitchen remodel services. Our designers understand every aspect of a contemporary kitchen design and will work with you to create a space you have always wanted. Our quality craftsmanship is renowned for attention to client details and visually stunning creativity. Contact us to schedule a free in-house consultation and get started with your kitchen remodel today! 

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