Transitional Bathrooms

With many bathroom design options available, getting one that matches your expectations can be challenging. But we have the perfect design for you – a transitional bathroom design. This bathroom design combines traditional and contemporary styles to create a chic and timeless look.

At HomeTech Renovations, we take pride in designing unique, distinctive bathroom designs in the Greater Philadelphia region. If you would like to transform your bathroom into a modern transitional bathroom, here’s a detailed look at some of the critical things you should consider.

What is a Transitional Bathroom Design?

A transitional bathroom design is a bathroom design that draws inspiration from modern and traditional bathroom design ideas. A perfectly designed transitional bathroom should blend these two designs to create a harmonious look that defines your style. Some of the elements that make up a transitional bathroom design include the following:

  • Combining layered textures and free-flowing shapes
  • Sleek polished items
  • Using the latest plumbing and furniture trends

How to Create the Perfect Transitional Bathroom Design in Bucks County

Although transitional bathroom design is the perfect style for versatility, it goes beyond randomly combining classic and contemporary elements. It requires careful consideration of various aspects to create a well-curated transitional space. These few considerations should help you translate your transitional bathroom ideas into reality:

Consider Neutral Tones

Whether you like cool or warm hues, transitional bathroom designs should have a soft and subtle color palette. This may include light grey, sage green, dusty roses, chocolate, beige, and white cream. Avoid using gold and rose-gold palettes since they bring a modern vibe. Instead, use a touch of black shades to contrast with your chosen lighter tones.

Choose Natural Materials

A concrete space and marble bathroom combined with stylish wall treatment and modern lighting lays the ground for the perfect transitional bathroom design. Some of the options you can choose include granite and quartz. These options are ideal since they are nonporous and easy to care for. Besides their aesthetics, these natural materials ensure longevity and create a balanced space that doesn’t lean heavily on the traditional or contemporary direction.

Look for Sleek Fixtures

Specific types of fixtures define both traditional and modern bathroom designs. Traditional fixtures are characterized by elegant and distinct shades like silver, gold, and bronze, while modern fixtures feature options like stainless steel that’s more neutral. To create a transitional bathroom design, you can use the traditional shades for the knobs, taps, and even the bathroom mirrors and reserve the contemporary for the tub, vase, and cabinetry.

Don’t Forget to Get a Freestanding Tub

Nothing else can achieve luxury and peace in a transitional master bathroom like a freestanding tub. Various variations exist, from using contrasting fixtures or materials and a pedestal-style tub to using a partially freestanding tub. You can also use a claw-foot tub or drop-in tub.

Add Color Using Natural Materials

If you’re into small transitional bathroom ideas, you can use wallpapers, flooring, or wall tiles to create a unique transitional bathroom. Combining these with natural shades of materials like terrazzo and terracotta will create a timeless base to incorporate your contemporary style.

There are various ways to reconfigure your bathroom to your desired transitional bathroom design. By choosing HomeTech Renovations, you will get a trusted team of highly skilled tradespeople and contractors who ensure your job is done accurately, safely, and at the highest standards. All our services are in-house, guaranteeing consistency in everything we do during your renovations.

Create Your Modern Transitional Bathroom with HomeTech Renovations

Not sure what to do with your transitional bathroom idea? HomeTech Renovations is here to help. We’re committed to providing quality services to all our clients in the greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks and Montgomery Counties, with bath and kitchen remodels. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary consultation!

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