Powder Rooms

Ideas for Designing a Powder Room

Some people have a powder room. Others have a guest bathroom, and still, others have a half bath. Whatever you decide to call it, it amounts to the same thing: a small bathroom with a sink and toilet but no bathtub. When looking to make upgrades around your home, the half-bath is a great place to start. The right small powder room ideas can make your guests feel pampered.


Upgrading the lighting can completely transform the space. New overhead lighting lets guests see all the improvements you’ve made and allows them to enjoy the full benefits. Putting enough light in a small area can help a room feel larger than it is, creating the illusion of more space. 

Wall Coverings

Finding small powder room ideas can be challenging, but since it’s small, it’s one of the best places to try out a new paint color. While a bright color might be overwhelming in such a small area, it also creates easy work for an accent wall. Not sure what small powder room design ideas might work with an accent wall? 

Well, wallpaper is on the upswing, and it’s not your grandma’s florals anymore. It’s mess-free now, with many brands offering peel-and-stick options that are easily removable, and it’s fair game without the steam from a shower!


The vanity is often the focal point of a bathroom and should be on your list of items to tackle for a powder room remodel. This is doubly important if you’ve updated the rest of your home to a more modern look or personal style, so keep that in mind when you look for a vanity. Your vanity can also act as a neutral piece in the room, helping to balance out a more dramatic design.


Like the walls, the flooring in a room helps establish its atmosphere. You can use the floors and walls to set the overall tone, whether it’s warm, cozy, and inviting or cool, posh, and modern. Powder room ideas for flooring are almost anything except carpet. Wood, tile, and laminate are all available. Unlike a full bath, the powder room doesn’t require tile. It may see some moisture, but nothing like what you get from a shower. 


A powder room remodel is challenging because it’s such a small space, but when used correctly, it can reflect your home and yourself just as much as anywhere else. Any room can be transformed into a reflection of your personality with the right accessories. Wall sconces add a soft, ambient light, while a mirror mural changes a staple object into a piece of art. 

Mirrors, along with vanities, are a centerpiece in the room. Getting a mirror that enhances the powder room design can help it feel more like a statement piece instead of functional wall decor. 

Powder Rooms Designed by HomeTech Renovations

Any time you want to make your guests feel special, check out the areas they use. The bathroom is one of the least expensive areas to remodel. At HomeTech Renovations, we’re happy to run through all your powder room ideas and help bring them to life.

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