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With the amount of time we spend in our kitchens, we need a space that we love but is also appealing to the eye. Kitchens are the center of our homes. It is where we come together with our families and loved ones to celebrate, share meals, and spend time together. Therefore, your kitchen should be a reflection of you. It should show style and personality, but most importantly it should be warm and inviting. One way to achieve a cozy space is by incorporating country-style kitchens

Ideas for a Country-Style Kitchen

Over the years, country kitchen designs have grown in popularity for a variety of reasons. If you are considering a kitchen remodel or renovation and your style reflects warm, cozy, welcoming, and comfortable, you may want to explore the variety of country kitchen ideas

When you start to brainstorm country kitchen ideas, your main focus will be on natural materials and fine craftsmanship. Typically all cabinets, chairs, tables, and designs include carved wood and the most common finishes are cherry, maple, oak, or pine.  

As for any kitchen renovation, appliances and accessories play an important role in your country’s kitchen design. To start, you may be interested in including a farmhouse or old-fashioned porcelain sink. Both these sink types are stylish and functional, making them a popular choice amongst many homeowners. Some other popular styles include stainless steel appliances, wooden handles, and mason jars as glassware or storage.

For a Rustic Kitchen:

One aspect of a country-inspired kitchen is a rustic kitchen. Rustic kitchen ideas include organic, natural elements with a modern yet old-fashion feel. Some ways to achieve this style are by including untreated or painted reclaimed wood, installing extractor hoods, stoves, and sinks, adding countertops made from stone or stone inspired, refinishing ‘old’ furniture, and decorating with rustic-feeling accessories. 

What is a French Country Kitchen?

Think rustic, but chic and you have a french country kitchen! This style embraces all the latest trends while still maintaining the cozy, country kitchen feel. Some characteristics include large farmhouse tables and open shelves displaying glassware, cooking utensils, and cookbooks. Some other design elements include: 

  • Colorful tiles
  • A wooden kitchen island
  • Wooden beams or a featured stone wall
  • French designed appliances 
  • Wallpaper 
  • A color scheme 
  • Mixed finishes

Our Kitchen Design Process

If you are ready to start this journey of achieving your ideal country kitchen, then contact HomeTech Renovations now!

We start our process with an initial phone call interview. After that, we schedule a time for an on-site complimentary consultation. Together, we can discuss different approaches, general budgets, and recommend ideas from our professional design team. 

Kitchen Renovations by HomeTech Renovations

Are you dreaming of a beautiful country kitchen? HomeTech Renovations is here to make your dreams a reality. Our goal is to create a space that surpasses all your expectations while increasing your home’s functionality. We offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in kitchen remodeling and renovations. We know how important your kitchen is to you and your family, therefore, we ensure a stress and hassle-free process as we will complete this project on time while staying on budget. 

HomeTech Renovations has been serving the greater Philadelphia area, including Montgomery County and Bucks County, PA for over 35 years. To learn more about our kitchen design process and to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact us today at 215-646-7477.

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