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HomeTech Renovations, Inc. Offers the Full Package!

HomeTech Renovations, Inc. is proud to be approaching 30 years as a design/build firm in the Bucks and Montgomery County regions surrounding Philadelphia. We have successfully accomplished hundreds of projects and counting since our inception. Part of our success and reputation as a company can be credited not only to our knowledge, expertise, and experience in the industry, but to our staff and overall structure as a business. Being a design/build firm, HomeTech Renovations, Inc. delivers and executes all of our projects in a method in which the design and construction services are contracted by a single entity. Not only does this yield the best result, but it benefits the customer in positive ways as well.

The Difference Between Design/Build and Hiring a General Contractor

Over the past 29 years of serving Bucks and Montgomery counties, HomeTech Renovations, Inc. has been acknowledged by being the recipient of numerous Contractor of the Year Awards by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, and most recently The Big 50 Award presented by Remodeling Magazine as one of the nation’s top kitchen and bath design/build firms. Each customer benefits from experienced knowledge of design and engineering that goes along with any project in order to execute it properly. Our on staff designers offer schooled and educated insight to give you what a general contractor cannot. What many people do not often realize is the amount engineering that goes on “behind the scenes” of a project when a certified designer is involved. Many good contractors may be capable of laying out a basic plan that may be functional, but having a specialized designer design a kitchen or bath project will yield a much greater understanding of aesthetic values as they relate to a host of finishing details that need to be clearly called out. . A educated and experienced designer will allow you to see some fresh, out of the box designs and innovative materials and integrate them in to value based engineering aspects of any project.

The Difference Between Design/Build and Design-Bid

Many individuals may prefer to simply hire a designer to handle the previously stated aspects to insure a good design. Unfortunately, smaller designers do not have contractors on staff, and usually to sub-contract the actual installations. The traditional approach for construction projects consists of the appointment of a designer on one side, and the appointment of a contractor on the other side. This may often lead to miscommunication between the designer and the contractor. If the designer is not accurate, or does not specify something, the contractor will usually make a judgment call which will not always been in the designers, or the customer’s best interest. HomeTech Renovations, Inc. prides ourselves on our strong form of communication within our company and our customers. Staff meetings happen regularly designers continually discuss and meet with production personnel as projects develop and unfold prior to budget disclosure. Each project is thoroughly reviewed with the staff engineer, senior level designer, and production prior to executing and installation.

A Few Extra Perks

A design/build firm truly is the full package. We provide a seamless design and work with our customers to provide an aesthetic you’ll love, we employ all of contractors that we trust to do quality work, and to top it off we coordinate everything on your job to ensure the costumer gets a stress free project. That means, we handle all delivery coordination, unpacking of products, removal of existing fixtures, and we even clean up after ourselves too! Here at HomeTech Renovations, Inc. we understand that a home renovation can be a big decision to make, and we strive to provide you with a painless experience and a more than satisfying result!

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