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One thing us designers here at HomeTech (and I think it’s safe to say most designers) have noticed, is that clients don’t always know what they want… and there is nothing wrong with that, it’s our job to show you! Especially when it comes to a certain look or style, buzz words and terminology can be misleading and often down-right overwhelming. It’s a lot more than just traditional or contemporary. What’s the real difference between contemporary and modern? What is transitional design? What styles can be mixed and how? All these questions can become daunting to a customer and we don’t blame you. You may come in and say, for example, you want something in a rustic/modern style and when we show you that, it’s not at all what you had in mind.

One great tool to help decipher the difference, and narrow down a style is by looking at other projects. Even as a designer, we are always inspired by, and referencing other projects for new ideas, or even just to stimulate our minds. One great tool that is new on the market is a fantastic website called Houzz.com. A company founded in 2009 based out of Palo Alto, California, Houzz is a website and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. The Houzz platform and mobile apps feature interior and exterior home photos, articles written by architects, interior designers and home design experts, product recommendations, and a user forum.

This is a tool that we as a company have been using as well as strongly encouraging our clients to use as well. Clients can browse and save projects they find interesting in what Houzz calls an “ideabook” which can then easily be forwarded to the designers here at HomeTech for viewing prior to even a design consultation. This allows us as designers to constantly stay in tune with what you, the client wants, and overall gives us a better sense of where to go with a project.


Besides the convenience of saving inspiration photos and easily sharing them, Houzz also has an online forum which allows you to ask questions about photos you see. For example, if you noticed a particular backsplash you like in a photo, you can go ahead and ask the company or firm that posted the photo what it is and where you might be able to find it. This also gives you the option to see comments others have posted about the company and read reviews as well. Neat, right? So rather than searching Google for “Country Style Bathrooms” and getting pictures of Art Deco or other irrelevant topics, Houzz allows you to also narrow down your searches by room category, style, and features and get interactive in the process.

So here at HomeTech Renovations Inc. we urge you to use this great tool that’s free and at your fingertips, whether you’re ready to start the design process or just considering what your options are it’s always good to have a better idea of all the endless possibilities. Just try not to get sucked in for too long, it can be addictive!

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