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Island Stone: The Natural Look

Everyone is talking about Island Stone. What is Island Stone? Island Stone is a company that brings the primitive and exotice beauty of pebble stones to your home. Many people go to 5-star hotels or spas and experiences these pebble beneath their feet and they want that same feeling in their home whether it is outside, inside or both. Island Stone is renowned for its amazing durability and everlasting beauty.

Crafted by nature these stones are gathered from various island locations. These pebbles are color matched and hand sorted for size and quality and laid out into patterns giving each layout a unique one-of-a-kind look.

As a design firm specializing in kitchens and baths we have used Island Stone in numerous projects for clients. The material is beautiful and versatile, leaving a lasting and timeless impression on any design. To learn more about Island Stone and their products visit their website:

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