As an artist I feel that design is an extremely important part of everyone’s lives. Anywhere you look you see design whether it is noticeable to the eye or not. Being an artist I look at the world in a much different way. I see the beauty and design in something as simple as a water bottle to the complexity of a suspension bridge. Something as simple as a wrapper package took time to imagine, design and create or something as complex as a spaceship was carefully designed an executed. No matter what it is that you come into contact with there was a design and thought process to that object. Living organisms are even designed specific ways. Design can go as deeply rooted into living objects to the other spectrum: interior design, graphic design, industrial design, architecture, etc. Everything has an aesthetic to it, a certain beauty that draws an individual in.

There is a tremendous amount of thought and energy that go into designs. Connection to the project is extremely important. If there is no enthusiasm then there is no desire to accomplish the project. Connection to a project could start with something as small as a paint color or as big as the cabinetry. Maintaining the enthusiasm is just as vital as finding the intimacy to the project from start to finish. As a designer you want to show your clients how important it is to see and even feel their designs. There is nothing better than to have client come up and say that they were given exactly what they wanted and how amazed they were to see the amount of time and care that go into developing a project no matter how big or small. It makes you feel good that you have created a work of art for your client to not only enjoy but to interact with and experience. You see them appreciate the smaller pieces within the room. You see them touch a certain piece that really speaks to them within the space. They begin to realize that sometimes the smallest details are what really ties the room together.

During the entire design and remodel process your client begins to see the amount of work that is being done and the level of detail and they realize the value in their investment. They begin to see the complexity of what the design actually entails. The design goes further than just what is seen there is design within the plumbing infrastructure which gets hidden behind the drywall. Again there is a thought process and a design to it.

Design is in everything we touch and everywhere we look. So when you see something as simple as a candy wrapper; take the time to appreciate it…

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