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June 15, 2009

Island Stone: The Natural Look

Island Stone is a natural stone material that can be used anywhere within the home: kitchens, bathrooms, atriums, driveways etc. Their strength, versatility and beauty are amazing.

Design Is Everywhere

This article explains how design is deeply rooted within everything we see, touch and smell. Plumbing behind the walls of a bathroom or kitchen remodel even has deisng and thought put into it. Design is more complex than people think and should take the time to open their minds and see the beauty within something as simple as a candy wrapper.

Bath Design Trends: The Bath Embodies A Lifestyle & an Experience

This article is about upcoming bathroom trends that are being incorporated into bathroom designs. A brief history of how the bathroom evolved through time; this article goes into different therapy trends that are now being utilized within one’s bathroom remodel: chromotherapy, aromatherapy and music therapy.