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Are you starting to think about how you may want to update your bathroom? The sky’s the limit, right? It’s true, there are so many options depending on what your needs are and where your design style lies. We like to think of your bathroom as a place where you really start and end your day. You want the space to be a place of serenity and relaxation. 

There are plenty of bathroom styles that can offer you just what you are looking for. We’ve gathered a few ideas for you to choose from for your next bathroom remodel project below. 

Vintage: Vintage bathrooms can really include many different eras of design depending on the home and which decade you would like your vintage bathroom to represent. It’s quite easy to make a vintage bathroom a reality through accents, fixtures, and tilework.  Your bathroom could be mid-century modern, granny-chic (yes, it’s a thing!), antique vintage, etc just by adding certain elements that bring you back to those times.


Vintage Bathroom Inspo
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Eclectic: Eclectic bathrooms are interesting because they draw on various styles to come together into a unique design that combines several characteristics. An eclectic bathroom could include both old and new features that make for a unique space. Think of a bathtub from the 1900s with a modern piece of art on the wall or wall color that represents a certain decade like “1970’s red” with a super modern tile.

Spa: Spa bathrooms should create a sense of immediate relaxation. They include everything you would expect from a day at the spa from soft towels, calming colors, natural touches such as flowers or bamboo, a really good shower head, soft lighting, and pampering touches. A spa bathroom is a perfect refuge at the end of a busy day!


Spa Bathroom Inspo
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Modern: Modern bathrooms have all the amenities. Today, some homeowners decide to make entire rooms into their bathroom, really utilizing the space to its fullest potential with walk-in showers that have seating, beautiful stones for the finishes, fireplaces, cutting edge lighting etc. When you’re in a modern bathroom, you know it from the first step into the room. Modern means thinking outside the box without worrying about “rules.”

Rustic: A rustic bathroom can be a very warm space. Think large beams and natural materials such as wood and stone. Soft lighting is not necessary, but would certainly add to the design. This type of bathroom is common in a mountainous area, but could certainly be placed anywhere that a homeowner desires this type of look!


Rustic Bathroom Inspo
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Have We Helped You Decide Which Bathroom Styles Are Right For You?

No matter what your bathroom remodel ideas may be, we can make them happen. Allow the team at HomeTech Renovations to construct the bathroom of your dreams. Our team of experienced professional contractors has years of experience and is ready to help you! Call us today at 215.646.7477 to start the conversation about getting your bathroom renovation project started!

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