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Design Tips + Ideas For The Ultimate Entertaining Kitchen

Design Tips + Ideas For The Ultimate Entertaining Kitchen
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Are you someone who likes to entertain? If you are, you know that the kitchen is the hot spot for any gathering at a home. It’s usually where all of the action is taking place from cooking to arranging platters to pouring drinks. If you’re an entertainer, you need a kitchen that exudes the best kitchen layout for entertaining and functions well! 


We’ve gathered some of our best ideas for what to include in a kitchen that you plan on entertaining in below.


You Must Have A Kitchen Island

 Over the last few years, kitchen islands have become all the rage. It goes without saying that creating a central meeting place in the central meeting place of the house is a key piece to a kitchen that will be inviting to your family and friends. 


The kitchen island serves so many purposes. First, it’s a great place to store kitchen supplies that may be too large or cumbersome for your cabinets. You can also add a stovetop or sink to an island, making it even more central to where you will spend time when in the kitchen. Also, kitchen islands are the perfect place to add seating. When your family or friends are seated around your kitchen island, it allows everyone to be social, even the chef!


Prep Stations

It’s very common nowadays to have more than one cook in the family. What does this mean? It means that you need additional space for everyone who is helping out with the cooking to have a place to work in the kitchen. That way, everyone who is shuffling around getting dinner ready or assisting when guests are over has their own workspace without overcrowding each other. 


Your Guests Want To Sit Down

Keep this in mind! When you have company over, they most likely will want to be able to relax and enjoy themselves. Making sure that you have enough comfortable seating is important so that your guests feel welcome and comfortable. This can be a combination of stools and regular chairs. However they fit best in your kitchen is up to you, just make sure that you have enough seating for your guests to take a seat!


Smart Storage

The last thing any guest wants to be part of is your clutter and let’s be honest, kitchens can get pretty cluttered. There are great options to store everything from your utensils and serving dishes to your spice collection. The more organized your kitchen is the more ease with which you will be able to navigate it when you are entertaining guests.


Ready To Get Started?

Have we given you enough entertaining kitchen ideas to make your kitchen the place that everyone wants to hang out? No need to look up, “top kitchen remodel contractors near me!” The team at HomeTech Renovations is able to walk you through what the best kitchen layout for entertaining is in your particular home. Give us a call today to get started at 215.646.7477!