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Ideas To Make Your Bathroom More Functional


One of the most important rooms of your home is your bathroom. It’s the room that you start and end your day in. It’s the room where you unwind in your shower or bath. Over the years, we’ve been challenged by our clients to reinvent this space in their homes and we can tell you from experience that remodeling a bathroom to bring in more function and a sense of calm is one of our favorite challenges to take on!


We’ve gathered together a few ideas for how to make your bathroom more functional below.


Be Cognizant Of Color: Color can have a big effect on how your overall bathroom feels. We recommend lighter colors for small bathrooms so that they feel bigger. For bathrooms that have a larger footprint, you can go a shade or two darker but think about colors that feel fresh and clean like a light blue or green. 


Pro-tip for small bathroom remodels: add vertical stripes to give the bathroom some height!


Be Careful In How You Choose Lighting: Lighting is a critical aspect of any room, especially in bathrooms. When you think about it, you really do need good lighting if you’re using your bathroom to get ready for your day. If you’re applying makeup or want to make sure that your hair is just right, you need to be able to see well. When it comes to bathroom lighting, it’s important to make sure that you have sufficient lighting, but be careful to make it not too bright so that the room also provides a feeling of calm. 


Pro-tip: If you have a bathroom that has a good source of natural light, use it! Natural lighting not only gives you the light you need but also provides that calming effect that is essential to all functional bathrooms.


Storage Space is Key: Even in small bathrooms, there are ways to create extra storage. There are so many items that you need within your bathroom and having a place to put them is important for the function of your space. Functional storage options include vanities, wall shelves that can offer both storage and aesthetics, and accessories that provide a function such as towel hooks. Our best advice is to think about what your biggest needs are within your bathroom and then look at how you can incorporate those needs into your design plan.


Pro Tip: Measure these items that you are thinking about adding to your bathroom before you purchase them so that you can ensure that they work for your space. Even towel hooks should be measured so that you can see how much space they will take up and how that will impact the look of the space. 


Are You Ready To Start Your Bathroom Remodel?

We are ready to help! There are many high impact cost-effective, budget-friendly options available for smaller hall baths. Whether you’re doing a small bathroom remodel or a larger one, we are your local bathroom remodeling contractors that will get the job done right. Our decades of experience enable us to share our thoughts on what updates make sense for your bathroom. Give us a call at 215.646.7477 to get started today!