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5 Affordable Ways To Modernize Your Home

Many people who live in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburban areas live in what would be considered “older homes”, but have thought about how to make their house look more modern and to coincide with today’s trends. When it comes to home remodeling, there are things that you can do to modernize your home without breaking the bank or taking a while to get the project done. We’ve compiled a few tricks of the trade to show you how to make your house look more modern below. 

Tips For Modern Home Renovations


Add Modern Fixtures + Appliances: Upgrading your fixtures and appliances can have an immediate impact on the look and feel of your home. There are dated trends that are likely prevalent in your home such as gold or brass hardware or fixtures. There are endless possibilities for what you can switch out that can completely change the look of the space. Oftentimes, hardware and fixtures can range greatly in price. This is where you can make the choice that works within your budget and can likely install on your own.


Appliances will also range in price and you will likely need a professional to install them, but they can go a long way in modernizing a space. An added benefit to upgrading your appliances is that you will also likely improve the functionality as well!


Updating Walls, Floors + Countertops: Many older homes have old wallpaper or dated paint colors that scream the era of which they were first installed or painted. By stripping your walls with the old and putting up either new wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint, you can make an immediate impact. Wallpapers are actually coming back into style! You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns that really transform a space.

Floors make a sizable difference when it comes to modernizing a home. If you’ve got beautiful hardwoods under carpet, this is a no brainer! Refinish them for an affordable option to instantly update your space. Other options include laying a laminate or tile.


Countertops are another easy way to update a space without breaking the bank. There are so many varieties to choose from today that range in price. If you can keep your cabinets and update your countertops, that is the way to go! Less expensive options that look modern include concrete or an engineered stone.


Be Consistent In Your Paint Color: When choosing paint for your modern home upgrades, think about choosing a neutral palette that you will carry throughout your home. This gives a clean, modern look that you can accent with pops of color.


Don’t Forget Curb Appeal: The first impression of your home is important. There are simple things you can do such as upgrading your walkway, adding colorful flowers or painting your front door in a modern shade that previews what your guests will experience once inside your home.


Ready To Get Started?

Have we convinced you that you’re ready for modern home renovations? Trust the contractors at HomeTech Renovations to assist you with your project. We are your go-to residential remodeling contractors! Give us a call today at 215.646.7477 and check out our website at to get started on modernizing your home.