What’s Cooking? 2021 Kitchen Trends To Look Out For

Hello, 2021! What does your New Year Resolutions list look like? Whether you intend on making positive changes pertaining to your daily routine or desire to enhance the atmosphere around you with professional remodeling projects, 2021 is full of new stylistic home improvement opportunities. Now that we’ve covered the top 2021 bathroom trends, let’s dive into the top 2021 kitchen trends to keep on your radar when considering your next kitchen remodel: 


The Year of Cozy Colors

While it is expected to see the color white carry over onto the top 2021 kitchen colors trending list, the introduction of warm color shades will follow suit as the most sought after kitchen remodeling color schemes. Hues of light beige, for example, and other similar earthy tones will be well requested due to the positive aesthetics that these colors give off. Based on the symbolic meaning that each color and its various shades portray, beige is proven to give off soothing, relaxing, comforting effects that will always be welcoming to come home to, no matter the kind of day you have. Paired with bold, vibrant, complementary colors, expect to see beige and other warm, earthy colors across almost all new kitchen remodels.  

The More Storage, the Merrier

In light of the pandemic and considering the unexpected weather that winter brings, more people have been gravitating towards cooking meals more often at home, calling for increased space for storing appliances, perishables, and more. From pantries and cabinets to larger refrigerators and extra freezer space, classic kitchen layouts are making room for more storage space in 2021.

Kitchen Island Life 

In relation to the need for increased storage space, larger kitchen islands will also be in more demand this year. Homeowners now require that extra area for activities such as meal prepping that bigger kitchen islands can provide. Kitchen islands have also been rising in popularity as a workspace for those who either have yet to establish a home office or need a change of scenery. Kitchen islands nowadays are equipped with more outlets for electrical plugins as well, perfect for kitchen appliances or electronic chargers. 

As one of the topmost used rooms in the home, what better time than the present to upgrade your residential kitchen space to set the tone for a great new year? From 2021 kitchen colors to new kitchen feature installations, staying on top of popular kitchen trends is made easy with HomeTech Renovation’s expert kitchen remodeling contractors. If you’re ready to transform your kitchen, contact us today!