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Bathroom Trends 2021: What To Look For

2021 bathroom trendsWhat are you hoping to accomplish in the New Year? Whether you are looking to make positive changes to your daily routine or want to focus on upgrading your residential property, home improvement projects will be on the rise into 2021. In fact, studies show that the remodeling market is poised to grow 5 percent in 2021, making residential remodeling projects on most homeowner’s New Year’s resolutions lists. With bathrooms and kitchens being the most popular rooms for home remodels, why not kick off the New Year with a complete bathroom makeover? Take a look at our bathroom trends 2021 list to keep in mind when planning your dream bathroom remodel:

Stunning Spa Aesthetics 

One of the most sought after bathroom remodel ideas moving into 2021 will revolve around enhancing the room’s atmosphere and vibe. We use our bathrooms every day and when we do, we deserve this space to be a tranquil one! Homeowners will make the transition to spa-style bathrooms that include luxurious tile patterns, relaxing shower fixtures, and plenty of storage space, enhancing the user experience more than ever before. Whether you’re getting ready for an event or simply want to unwind, feel as if you are stepping into a spa every time you visit your bathroom with this layout.

Less is Always More 

If you’re tired of a cluttered bathroom, adopt the minimalistic style! By incorporating more storage space in your bathroom to stow away your bathroom essentials, you’ll be able to cut out that “crowded” feeling and make your space more open, which will ultimately give off the appearance of being a bigger space than it actually is. To help achieve a more open, minimalist feel, choose white or lighter shades for your bathroom’s walls and flooring!

Marble Must-Haves

As a popular home addition to most homes over the years, the continual demand for marble will make it on the bathroom trends 2021 list. From walls to floors, bathroom countertops to tubs, marble is expected to be more present in residential bathrooms. As a material that not only screams luxury and elegance, marble is notorious for coming in an array of colors and styles, giving homeowners the chance to express their style in a glamorous way. 

Which bathroom remodel idea sparked your interest? From bringing the spa to your home, cutting back on clutter, to stunning marble additions, count on your trusted bathroom remodeling contractors at HomeTech Renovations to obtain the bathroom makeover you’ve been looking for! Contact us today to get started on your new bathroom look.