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A Guide To Kitchen Countertops

Have you recently remodeled your kitchen cabinets and appliances but want to take it a step further? There’s nothing that says “brand new kitchen” quite like upgrading your kitchen countertops! With all of the various countertop materials, styles, and colors to choose from, picking the right type of countertops for your own space can be a little difficult. Finding the perfect balance between countertops that boost kitchen aesthetics while also meeting your cooking needs in the kitchen requires some professional guidance. Luckily for you, we have just the advice you should consider when you’re looking into professional countertop replacements:

Gorgeous Granite 


Granite countertops are a huge game-changer in the kitchen. Their combination of elegance and durability make this stunning countertop material one of the most highly sought after kitchen accessories. While Granite countertops can lean more on the costly side compared to other countertop topics available, the stylistic options and the quality of this sturdy material make this luxurious countertop material worth every penny.

Marble Must-Have


Looking for a classy countertop choice that will compliment your kitchen’s aesthetic? Marble countertops are the ideal fit for you! As a natural stone with ample variety in colors and patterns, marble countertops are unique and vary from stone to stone, providing a stunning visual while supplying your kitchen with structurally sound support. 

Terrific Tiles


As one of the most versatile types of countertops in the market, tile countertops are a fantastic addition to your kitchen space. The wide range of variety in color, shape, size, and pattern options give homeowners the chance to express creativity without jeopardizing durability. One key benefit that tile countertops have over competitor options is the ability to easily replace selected tiles if some damage were to happen rather than an entire countertop replacement. 

No matter the countertop option that you choose, each type of material comes with its own list of benefits to improve your kitchen experience. Not sure which type of countertop is the best fit for your own kitchen? Leave it to the countertop connoisseurs at HomeTech Renovations! As a recent recipient of the “Best of House and Home” award, our expertise is guaranteed! Contact us today to get one step closer to completing your kitchen aesthetic.