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Modern Kitchen Inspirations

If you asked someone to describe the modern design, they may use words like “cold” or “boring”. However, the interior design style can be far from those things when they are paired with your personal style and some innovative ideas. Modern design pairs perfectly with kitchens as it gives them the clean, sleek look that everyone loves. Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite modern kitchen design ideas that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with the interior style. 


Modern Kitchen Design Ideas


Choose One Pop of Color

Oftentimes, modern kitchens follow a monochromatic color theme of neutral colors. If this doesn’t appeal to you, then try adding just one pop of color throughout your kitchen. The continuation of your accent color will break up the neutral theme and counteract the “cold” feeling some get with modern kitchens. The color you choose can easily be added to things like cookware, flowers, and smaller details like salt and pepper shakers. The versatility a pop of color brings easily makes it one of our favorite modern kitchen designs.  


Go With Warm Tones

If you want to avoid the cold reputation of modern kitchen design at all costs, then simply steer clear of cooler tones. By adding warmer tones in your kitchen, you can emulate a cozy, yet still bright environment. Touches of light warm wood and gold accents will give your modern kitchen the brightness you have been looking for.


Warm Kitchen Colors
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Light It Up

Whether it’s artificial or natural, adding as much light as possible to your modern kitchen will give it that sought-after airy feeling many modern kitchens lack. You can add a touch of your personal style through fun modern light fixtures or unique window frames. If you lack windows in your kitchen, add some white elements or use brighter bulbs in your fixtures. 


Trade Your Silver for Gold

Modern kitchens don’t have to be all silver all the time. Adding touches of gold can give your modern kitchen a luxurious look that is hard to achieve with stainless steel. We recommend adding gold hardware and light fixtures. Or, if you’re looking for something more daring, we recommend a gold mirrored island to make your modern kitchen stand out from the rest. 


Gold Kitchen Inspiration
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Have Fun!

Our last and most important tip is to just have fun! Your modern kitchen does not have to check off every box to fit the design style. The whole part of having your own kitchen is to make it your own. 

Modern Kitchens with Home Tech Renovations

Without professional help, these innovative modern design ideas are just that: ideas. Fortunately, the expert affordable kitchen remodeling contractors at Home Tech Renovations can make all of these modern kitchen designs come to life right in your home. Since 1984, we have been creating award-winning kitchens and baths of all design styles and we are proficient in modern interior design. Are you interested in giving your kitchen a modern makeover? If so, contact the team at Home Tech Renovations today for a complimentary consultation! We can’t wait to make your modern kitchen dreams a reality!

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