Bathroom Remodeling Projects – Bucks-Montgomery County PA

Since 1984, HomeTech Renovations Inc. has completed countless projects throughout Bucks/Montgomery Counties and has developed sensitivity to the unique style within these communities. Historic properties, B &B’s, and renovated farmhouses are abundant throughout this historic region, and traditional styling is by far the most popular design aesthetic requested by our clients. HomeTech has successfully designed many projects that have catered to this authentic and rich style. Over the past two years, we have noticed a shift in style change in the Bucks/Montgomery regions. Many homeowners, who boast this special element of history within their homes, are adding a more contemporary twist to their remodeled spaces.

Historic renovations with period styling has become a staple in HomeTech’s reputation as one of the leading Design/Build firms of the area. One project such as the Rustic Eclectic Master Bath in New Hope is a great example of what can be achieved in matching the area’s historic aesthetic. Note the tasteful attention to detail such as the tiled wainscoting with its unique mosaic boarder, and brass and oil rubbed bronze fixtures. Did we mention the exposed existing beams of the original structure? All these elements add a warming, eclectic character and charm that are part of the Bucks/Montgomery character.

But this is not necessarily the case in every home in the area, and that seems to be a reoccurring trend of many homeowners today. Take one of our more recent projects for example, in this Contemporary Doylestown dwelling. This master bath epitomizes the beauty in bringing in the old and the new, creating a contemporary space within an older home. Some of the key features of this project, such as the chrome finishes, textured resin panel and mosaic brick glass tile, are what gives this project its contemporary feel. But when creating a space using those elements within an older home it is important to allow it to blend with the conjoining spaces. HomeTech has accomplished this by applying warmer color tones, and a mixture of natural materials that will allow for compliment on both sides of the design aesthetic, and ultimately contributing to the homes eclecticism.

It’s not at all easy to bring together two different styles that are on opposite sides of the spectrum, but when done right, the end result can be magnificent, and this is something we’ve been noticing many people doing of the Bucks and Montgomery counties.

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