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Modern Bath Design On The Main Line

Bath Design Spotlight: Main Line

We have completed a variety of bath designs throughout the Main Line. One of them was a modern style bathroom in Bryn Mawr, Pa. When thinking about different bath design styles, many people turn to modern as an ideal choice. The idea of modern design has been popular for many years and continues to grow in popularity. The features of a modern bath design include the following points:

Chrome, Stainless Steel & Other Metals

In a bath design this can be accomplished through sinks, showers, cabinet handles and other accents throughout the room. In our Main Line bath design we highlighted metal with the faucets, towel racks, the shower, and cabinet hardware. The plumbing fixtures in a modern bath design are almost always made of stainless steel, nickel or a similar metal.

Clean & Straight Lines

Keeping things clean and focusing on the idea of straight lines is ideal in a modern-styled room. Within a modern bath design you can find these strong, straight lines in your shower, bath, toilet, and reflected throughout your hardware. Tiled flooring and walls are also very strong places to find straight lines within your décor. In our Main Line bath design we installed large format porcelain floor tile and floor to ceiling glass tile on the entire exterior wall. We also added a marble herribone floor and Carrara marble walls in the shower. The Grohe Atrio faucets we installed completed the look of clean lines throughout the bath design.

Primary Colors

In modern designs neutral colors like black, white, gray, and tan are often used for larger pieces while bold colors are used as accents. Within our main line bath design we used vanities with a natural finish, white plumbing fixtures and Pietra Di Cardosa limestone countertops. Each of these design features use primary colors with the exterior glass tile floor adding some bold color accents in the room. As for linens, plain white or other neutral-colored towels reinforce the clean, modern aesthetic. Within our Main Line bath design we displayed light gray linens throughout the room.

Focus on Storage

The idea of a modern design focuses on keeping things clean and having very little clutter throughout the room. That’s why a modern bath design utilizes a good storage system. Other than the basic essentials, everything should be out of sight. In our Main Line bath design we installed a recessed alcove in the half wall of the shower which is hidden from external view.

Modern is just one of the many bath designs we have experience with. Take a look through our portfolio to see the wide variety of other designs we have completed. Contact us today to discuss a bath design of your own!

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