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Pushing the “Go” Button On Home Renovations

Kitchen and bath projects are renovations that most us think about for quite some time, generally two years, before the project is actually contracted. For most of us it comes down to budget, who to trust, and overall value for the dollar invested.

HomeTech Renovations has been specializing in well designed, value based kitchen and bath renovations throughout Montgomery and Bucks Counties since 1984. We place special emphasis on truly understanding the unique budget needs of every project as it relates to the given infrastructure of each individual home and client need.

Most clients contact us through a local Montgomery County referral or through examining the hundreds of project photos on our easy to navigate web site. There is no cost to have award winning, certified designer & owner David Cerami, CKBR, do an initial evaluation consultation at your home. Kitchen and bath projects need professional & experienced expertise requiring design, engineering, mechanical, and construction expertise. Most clients seeking a renovation are attached to a specific design aesthetic and then want to jump into the cost. Unfortunately, there is much work that needs to be done in between. Getting to the price or cost for a significant renovation is not like getting an estimate for painting a room, putting up a fence, or installing a hot water heater, etc. Developing a budget for a kitchen or bath project is like designing a new home in a microcosm.

A person looking to build a dream house may have plenty of ideas, pictures, and even basic drawings showing what they want. Generally, the new home shopper would not simply call a builder to meet them on an undeveloped plot of land, show them a few pictorial concepts and ask them for a price on “one new home” as described. Building a new home requires design and architectural expertise combined with many of the aforementioned skill sets that a qualified kitchen and bath designer should possess. Even with architectural, scaled designed plans for the “new home” is only the first step in getting to real costs. Specifications on roofing, siding, windows, flooring, mechanicals, cabinetry, etc. all need to be determined and called out prior to realistic budget calculation. Many clients require much education and information disclosing value based benefits on each and every aspect of any major project. Simply stated… “You don’t know what you want until you know what you want”. The very best way to know what you want is to work with a specialized professional that can truly spend the time you need until you get to the point where you know… For sure.

An ill person looking for a cardiovascular surgeon to do a specific procedure would not simply go for the quickest price for the specific critical surgery required. A surgeon should specialize in the exact procedure required and will have the patient go through the protocol of tests, ex-rays, etc. prior to any surgical recommendation or procedure. Again, the right kitchen or bath professional will not allow you to make any major critical mistakes or errors as he or she takes you through a successful project development procedure.

Everyone wants a successful, hassle free, a process that will yield a value based bottom line budget. The truly great professionals have the experience and insight to know what to look for in an effort to avoid “the job that took forever” or the job that would up costing twice as much after the initial contract was accepted.

Budgets need to be developed around real anticipated costs given the experience observed by the true professional. HomeTech Renovations will be happy to give the right advice for your project.


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