What Factors Actually Make a Kitchen or Bath Look Great

Many or most people can see a space that they find appealing, and recognize that it’s a good design. But if asked, could you tell me why? And take no offense, but I’m not talking about the “oh, those pendants are pretty” or “that’s a really nice backsplash” answers. I’m talking about digging deep into a design to figure out why and how all its components work together.

Good design, in a sense, should be transparent. When a design is executed properly, you shouldn’t even be able to point out why right off the bat. On the contrary, consider this: When a design is executed poorly, it is noticeable almost immediately! “This room is hideous!”, “Why does this cabinet door always bump into the wall and not open all the way?”, “Guests don’t know what to do with themselves in this room.” These are all things any good designer takes into high consideration that an average person most likely wouldn’t have even thought of.

First off, I would like to state the obvious. Now this may come off as predictable, or cliché, but only because it’s true! Continue Reading What Factors Actually Make a Kitchen or Bath Look Great

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