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Does A Master Bath Require A Tub?

Many homeowners considering a master bath remodel often ask about keeping a tub with in the new bath design. Historically, the classic blanket statements made by realtors often suggest the need for a tub in every master bath. I believe that this is not necessarily true for each and every customer and home. A survey recently finds that the average person uses the typical builder grade master bath tub less than 7 times during the duration in their home.

Bath Remodel and Tubs

Over the past thirty years specializing in bath and kitchen design/build projects in the Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks county areas, we’ve found that what dictates the need for a tub depends on the client, existing retrofit issues, and budget. Every circumstance is uniquely different when designing, and remodeling a master bath. To start, a design survey should be provided and completed by the client. The survey we use at HomeTech Renovations, Inc. includes specific questions providing insight into physical issues which may dictate the need for water therapy along with personal bathing preferences, etc.

Additionally the survey may yield your weighted preferences for newly configured “his and her” vanities as opposed to a single vanity with a room for a tub option. Many homes have a fiberglass builders grade corner tub which takes up a significant footprint within the room. I often observe a variety of personal affects within the tub; sometimes there are toys, magazines, overflow storage, and even a cat litter box or two. When asked about the frequency of tub use, the overwhelming majority of clients tell me that they almost never take a tub bath and therefore the question is posed as to continue to maintain a space within a new design for a new tub they probably would not use.

Large Mutltifunctional Shower Option

Given the choice of a large tub, that won’t be used and a small “phone booth” sized shower, I recommend that a larger multifunctional shower be incorporated which will allow greater enjoyment for the 90% of typical customers for their daily bathing requirements. Why take up valuable floor space with an expensive new tub that will probably not be used by the majority of most people? If the window arrangement/height in the room dictates that no other useful component can potentially occupy this area, this may be an excellent opportunity to place a free standing tub in this space. Some free standing tubs can also come in many unique styles and may contain air injection into bathing water creating a bubbling effect.

Large Stand Up Shower – Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County, PA

Tubs are a great feature providing there is an frequent intended use, logical allocated space, and a budget that will support the additional cost of the tub, fill valve, and installation labor. Any newly installed tub should be quick to fill, have a hand held device for washing hair and cleaning. Other options can include a hot water maintenance component that will keep the bath water warm and maintain an ideal temperature over a long and relaxing bath.

New Bath Remodel and Design Expectations

Most homeowners have many ideas and wishes regarding their vision for a new bath remodel. Unfortunately many of those same ideas and wishes may not be practical or executable based on the experienced knowledge of a professional bath designer/engineer. There is no single price for one new bath project. Getting an estimate for a bath is not like calling a fence contractor for an estimate for the provision and installation of a stockade fence in your yard. A new bath renovation needs to be evaluated given the existing infrastructure of the space with a real understanding of design and integration of new materials and mechanicals.

Although there are many talented tile setters, plumbers, and carpenters; those same talented individuals generally do not understand true design and mechanical engineering. Working with an experienced true design/build firm is always a good place to start when embarking on a project. The advice and experience a professional can provide will pay dividends above and beyond any fees that may be associated to the project. Contact us online or call us at 215-646-7477 for a complimentary evaluation. We service the greater Philadelphia area, including Montgomery County PA, and Bucks County PA.

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