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Welcoming Another Artist to the Artisan Gallery: Colkett Painting

At Colkett Painting, this is what we do and we love it! It has been our pleasure to offer faux finishes, wall murals, gilding and more to commercial and residential property in the Bucks County, Montgomery County and Delaware County, Pennsylvania areas. With training but the best in the field, their passion has been passed on to us. Creating wall murals that reproduce the feathered grain of a walnut tree, the breche pattern of Arabasco marble, the perspective of a door opening into a sunny garden scee, the clouds, or to gild a surface in 23k gold and burnish it to a brilliant sheen, these have been my rewards. If you have a minute to look at the photos of wall murals, faux finish and marbling work completed by my very talented collection of artists and artisans and myself, professionals all, I hope you can see that passion.

To learn more about Colkett Painitng visit their website: Colkett Painting

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