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It’s the law.  On April 22, 2010 a federal law passed requiring contractors working in homes built before 1978; disturbing six square feet or more of painted surfaces in a room for interior projects or more than twenty square feet of painted surfaces for exterior projects and/or window replacement; to either test for lead paint or assume there is lead paint, and follow the lead safe work practices.  The renovation company must be lead certified with the EPA, at least one employee or subcontractor certified as a Lead Renovator and follows the EPA record keeping procedures.  There are a lot of details the contractor must follow and they need to give the consumer written information and must document by following the EPA record keeping procedures.  One item the homeowner/consumer must be given is the EPA brochure The Lead-Safe Certified Guide to Renovate Right everyone owning and living (includes tenants) in a pre-1978 home must be given this brochure before the start of the remodeling. This law also applies to child care facilities and school built before 1978.  The brochure explains facts about lead, how to prepare for the remodel and basic overview of jobsite work practices, for more information to go U.S. Environmental Protection Agancy Website.

In today’s world we need to be educated consumers and we need to work with educated professional.  You are responsible for the safety and well being of your family and that starts by hiring an EPA lead certified remodeling contractor.

To get more information or a quote by a EPA certified remodeling company contact HomeTech Renovations.

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