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Style Specifics: Contemporary

Located in Doylestown, PA is a master bath remodel completed by HomeTech Renovations which showcases the key elements of contemporary design.

Contemporary design features clean lines, neutral color schemes, smooth surfaces, and uncluttered space, while creating an inviting, warm, and comfortable atmosphere. Contemporary design is often confused with “modern” design which refers to a historical design movement with strict guidelines, while “contemporary” simply means “of the present time” and “in the now.” Contemporary style is all about what’s current, innovative, trendy, and ever-changing. Unlike modern design, contemporary design is not rigid and harsh, but instead is a blend of softer, more comfortable, and more livable elements. Contemporary design focuses on line, space, and color to create interiors that are sleek and fresh, and simplicity and texture help to define this style. The style’s simple lines and smooth finishes create a calming atmosphere and are contrasted by edgy, textured, and unique design accents. The contemporary style borrows functionality and streamlined ideals from the modernist movement, but it is also inspired by a wide range of other design styles.

The key elements of contemporary style are line, space, and color, of which line is perhaps the most distinctive. Clean lines, gentle curves, simplified details, streamlined structure, and minimal decoration exemplify the forms found in this style. Rounded forms and asymmetrical designs are often featured as well. Space is another primary element, as plain and unadorned space is fundamental to contemporary style. Bare space is equally as important as the areas filled with objects, since less is more in the contemporary design philosophy. Each piece should stand out individually, and for it to make an impact, the space needs to be uncluttered. Contemporary design uses neutrals, such as blacks, whites, tans, creams, browns, and grays, as the main interior colors. The neutral palette is usually accented with a bright, bold, statement color since the aim is to evoke a warm and vibrant feeling in the space. By using neutrals to create a basic background, accent pieces stand out even more.

Other features of contemporary design include natural textures, metal accents, dark wood tones, reflective surfaces, and focal lighting. Textures should be natural and are used to soften and warm the space. Flooring should be bare and smooth and made out of wood or stone. Accenting with metals, such as chrome, nickel, and stainless steel, is another important design aspect, as they provide a sleek finish and clean look. The use of various metals also helps to balance the warm, very light or very dark wood tones often found in contemporary design. Reflective surfaces also play a role in this style and can be incorporated as mirrors, glass, and exposed metals. Lighting is pivotal in this style because it illuminates a space’s design and highlights its focal points. Some common contemporary lighting choices include track lighting, pendants, and recessed lighting. Overall, contemporary design is a mixture of natural and industrial materials.

This “contemporary” master bath serves as an adult retreat and incorporates various materials and ideals that are commonly found in this design style. The master bath is an open, functional, uncluttered, and Zen-like space that has various privacy zones. A large, curved shower wall provides the space with drama while still keeping it simple. A custom, curved window seat echoes the shower wall’s sleek form. Due to its tan-colored walls, this space has a neutral backdrop which allows the accent colors to stand out and make a statement. The orange in the glass mosaic tile applied to the curved shower wall and the orange and ochre hues in the multi-colored slate tile pop against the tan walls and dark elements.

Natural textures are incorporated into the bathroom through the use of exotic, leather finished stone countertops and jambs, Sunset Glory slate tiles on the floor and inner shower wall, boucle tweed vessel sinks, and a custom resin panel that features a woven grass texture. Polished chrome plumbing fixtures are sleek in their design and create contrast against the other materials. Dark wood cabinetry in a streamlined style grounds the space and allows the accent colors to make a larger impact. Reflective surfaces are integrated in the form of the large, sheet mirror located above the vanity, the custom mirrored alcove in the shower, the multi-colored glass tile used on the curved shower wall, and the polished chrome plumbing fixtures. The lighting highlights the focal points and guides the eye around the room, allowing the design to be experienced in its totality. A custom pendant light casts a beautiful design on the walls and creates a comforting ambience. The materials used in this master bath retreat provide a feeling of tranquility and create a spa-like environment, and this bathroom exemplifies the contemporary design style.

This master bath took on quite a drastic transformation. Below are some before and after photos:

To see more of this contemporary master bath remodel visit our portfolio: Contemporary: Doylestown, PA.


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