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Cabinet Refacing: The Simple and Budget Conscious Remodeling Approach

Are you looking to upgrade your outdated kitchen? Have you considered cabinet refacing as an alternative to a new, custom kitchen? Cabinet refacing is a great kitchen remodeling solution, as it is a simple and budget conscious approach.

Cabinet refacing is a great alternative to a completely new kitchen remodel, since high quality cabinet refinishing can transform your dated existing cabinets into the designer cabinets you have always wanted but at a fraction of the cost, saving you thousands of dollars. Cabinet restoration is a good option for those wishing to preserve their existing kitchen layout. It is also a “green” or environmentally friendly solution as it saves existing materials, and components can be made from renewable and local lumber.

Cabinet refacing has many benefits and advantages over new kitchen remodels. First of all, it saves up to 60% off the cost of conventional replacement kitchens and offers a cost effective and sensible solution without sacrificing a designer quality look. Secondly, cabinet refacing saves time. On average, a refacing project takes a week to complete, while a new replacement kitchen can take upwards of four weeks. Thirdly, there is less mess associated with cabinet refinishing as the existing cabinetry is not removed and there is little installation mess. The workspace should, however, be HEPA vacuumed at the end of each work day. Also, during cabinet refacing the kitchen remains useable throughout the entire process and all components of the kitchen can be utilized at the end of every workday, while most kitchen remodels prevent any use until the project is complete. Lastly, cabinet restoration allows you to save prior kitchen upgrades, such as countertops and flooring, without disruption. Major remodeling will typically not allow the reuse of any prior upgrades, cheating you out of the monetary investments you have already put into the space.

Many may not know that HomeTech Renovations, Inc. has a subdivision, Let’s Face It Quality Cabinet Refacing, which specializes in cabinet refinishing. Let’s Face It has been specializing in affordable high quality kitchen cabinet restorations since 1984 and offers many options and full service solutions at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Let’s Face It can help you plan the perfect kitchen for your budget.

Let’s Face It offers a few options for the way cabinets can be refaced. Firstly, there is the premium wood solution in which all exposed cabinet surfaces are prepared and then covered with premium pre-finished matching wood veneers of any hardwood specie and in any color or finish desired. For this option, only the finest hardwoods are used, and new cabinet doors and drawer fronts are crafted locally in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The second option is thermofoil which uses a thermally fused membrane material over a substrate in place of premium, real hardwood doors and drawer faces. The membrane is a moisture resistant vinyl, available in almost any color or wood pattern, which is heat shrunk to the wood material underneath. The process is the same as that of the premium wood refacing only it is more budget friendly, as the components, such as doors, drawers, and face frame materials, are not hardwood. The third option is to simply install new doors and drawer fronts that are made to match the existing cabinet framework. No matter which refacing option is chosen there are unlimited choices in wood species, finishes, and door styles, much more than a stock kitchen would allow, and all materials are custom sized for each project and specifically measured to overlay the existing face frames. New cabinets and cabinet interior options, such as roll out drawers, pull out recycling bins, and drawer organizers, can also be integrated during the process.
Visit Let’s Face It at to learn more about cabinet refacing and to arrange for an in-home consultation with our experienced staff designer who can recommend the refacing option that best suits your needs. Why wait any longer for your dream kitchen? Get started now!


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