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Lutron Caseta Wireless Dimmer System Review

As a designer, I understand the importance of lighting a space and the effect it can have on the mood of the room. There are a lot of great products out there that can transform your space from an ordinary room to a dramatic well-lit space. I came across Lutrons Caseta Wireless system a few months ago at a lighting seminar, and I must say I was blown away…. Lighting technology has really come a long way. So please enjoy this Lutron Caseta Review!

What is Caseta?

The Caseta system is a light dimming system that can be used as an in-wall dimmer or for plugin lamps. The Caseta system works with energy efficient, dimmable light bulbs, LED, CFL, Halogen, and Incandescent. This system is controlled by Picos – a small remote control that can turn your lights on and off, dim them up and down, and set a favorite setting.

There are also three different ways to use or control your lights. The first method is at the source, so either at the wall location if it’s an in-wall dimmer or at the plug if it’s a lamp dimmer. The second is your remote control Pico. This is something you can keep by your bedside table, coffee table, or even in your car. The third method is by your phone. Using the Lutron app to enables you to control the lights in your home from across the world.

How the App works.

The app is linked to your lights through a Smart Bridge., The smart bridge is a small box that gets plugged into Wi-Fi router. Once you install your smart bridge and your Picos, you are ready to download and set up your Lutron app. The app will prompt you to add each light andyou will give your light a name and a picture, allowing you to easily identify which light you’re controlling. After all of your lights are added, you can create different scenes. You can have a “goodnight” scene where by a click of a button you can turn all of your lights off or a “welcome home” scene so you are never entering a dark house. You can also have your scenes on a timer so your light turn on at sundown. Scenes, times, and settings can be changed or added at any time.

My Experience…

After attending the Lutron Caseta Wireless seminar I couldn’t believe the simplicity of this product because it seemed so easy to use. But I live in an a apartment I didn’t think this was a good option for me since I’m not living in a permanent residence. But, after some testing of my own, I was wrong. This system is easy to use in any living situation, including an apartment. I used the lamp plug in wall dimmers along with one in each room. The process of setting up each dimmer was very simple. It took about five minutes for each dimmer to plug in and link to the Pico remote. After I had my dimmers in place I downloaded the app that prompted me to install my smart bridge. I only had to press one button to link the smart bridge to my phone.

After my smart bridge was installed and each light was set up I could work on adding each light. The nice thing is, you can name your lights, this makes it very easy to turn your lights on and off from your phone without getting confused. You can turn your lights on and off, or dim each light individually in addition to setting and saving different scenes. If you like your lights dimmed down very low to watch a move… Set a movie scene. If you want your foyer and kitchen lights on when you get home set a welcome home scene. If you left all your lights on and you don’t want to get up to turn them all off set a goodnight scene. You can customize your system to you and your needs. My favorite feature is geofacing….this will turn the lights on after sunset or you can have a scene turn on when you are arriving home. The geofacing function will also notify you if you leave your lights on after you leave your home.

Now that I have the Lutron Caseta Wireless system, I don’t think I could ever go back. Do you want to change the way you live and how you control your lighting? Give us a call to discuss your project and how Caseta can work for you!

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