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Builder’s Upgrade vs. Designer Space

At Hometech Renovations, the start of any project begins with a conversation about budget. But what does this number really mean and what does it get you?  Our talented team of designers can create anything to fit your home, but we try our best to avoid over-designing or under-designing.

Knowing what you can get for your budget is very important to any home renovation project.  At Hometech Renovations, there are two different categories that kitchen and bathroom projects fall in: A Builder’s Upgrade or a Designer Space.   It is important to understand the difference between the two so your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

First, it is important to know you will get the same level of assistance and design help from us here at HomeTech Renovations no matter what direction you go in.  But what design elements, products, and finishes we suggest may be different depending on what you’re looking for and depending on your budget.

Traditional Style Builder’s Upgrade Hall Bathroom

So, what do you get with a Builder’s Upgrade vs. a Designer Space?  With a Designer Space, the sky is the limit.  You can completely rework the entire plan and layout of the space and customize it to fully meet your needs.

For a Builder’s Upgrade the layout of the space will typically remain about the same, although there may be some shifting or small alterations.  The focus of the Builder’s Upgrade is really on updating the fixtures and finishes.

There are a wide variety of products  to choose from when it comes to fixtures and finishes.  The products that are typically stocked or more readily available will be at a lower price point.

Take a bathroom vanity as an example. With a Designer Space w would design a custom vanity where we will choose the finish, wood species, size, door style, countertop, hardware, etc.  We can add all of the bells and whistles from electric drawers to custom organizers, or, we can select a premade furniture style vanity to help keep the cost down.  With a premade vanity you typically get the vanity itself and one or two sinks, depending on the size, hardware, and the vanity top.  Something like this is typically a fraction of the cost of individually selected pieces.  You are still getting a quality product and with the many vendors we work with, you still have a large selection of options to choose from.

htr-master-bathTile and stone selection can really make the coat of your project jump so it’s important to know the type of material can make all of the difference.  The three most common materials we use are porcelain, stone, and glass; all of these materials have stocked and custom options as well.  But most porcelain or ceramic tiles are going to be your cost effective option and this is typically the direction we go in for a builder upgrade.  But that is not to say we don’t use porcelain for a designer bath’s as well.  A marble, travertine, slate, or any other stone tile will typically be used in a designer space.  The cost of a natural product is typically more than a mass produced ceramic tile.  Glass tile is a very popular choice for an accent in a bathroom or for an entire wall but the beauty of glass comes with a cost.

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