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Kitchen Layout Ideas: Work Triangles

If you are someone that enjoys cooking, then it’s likely that you know the importance of efficiency in the kitchen. The layout of your kitchen makes a huge difference in your kitchen’s ease of access and how efficiently you are able to prepare meals. A kitchen with a counterproductive layout can make your everyday cooking tasks feel like a chore. Here’s how you can increase the efficiency of your kitchen with a work triangle.

So What is a Work Triangle?

A work triangle isn’t a literal triangle in your kitchen. Instead, it is a way of visualizing a “triangle” in your kitchen where common kitchen tasks are performed. The “points” of a work triangle are usually defined by important features such as the sink, refrigerator and stove, while the “sides” are your countertops and the walking space between your points. 

How to Set up Your Work Triangle

Interested in setting up your own work triangle? Well it’s a lot easier than you think. For an ideal work triangle, you should have your “points” 4 to 9 feet apart. This is to ensure that you have enough space to move around, but not too much space that it takes up time getting from the points. You should also clear out the walking space of your work triangle to maximize the efficiency of your triangle.

Cooking is Easier With a Work Triangle 

A well planned work triangle can help make any cooking endeavor easier (Thanksgiving dinner anyone?) If you are planning out a kitchen remodel, you should heavily consider incorporating a work triangle to make cooking and meal prep a breeze.

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