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You Asked, We Answered: Here Are the Top Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Remodeling Project

If you’re thinking of starting a remodeling project, this is an exciting time! However, it can also be a little stressful and somewhat overwhelming. Plus, you probably have some questions you need help answering. Lucky for you, the bathroom and kitchen remodeling experts at HomeTech Renovations are here with the top questions you should ask yourself before starting a remodeling project, as well as the answers that’ll help you decide what’s best for you and your home!

How long have you been in your home?
Whether you just moved into your home, you’ve been in your home for a few years or you’re going into several decades of living in it, this is an important question to address before you remodel a space. 

For new homeowners, ask yourself the following: 

  • Will you be starting a family and staying there?
  • Will you be starting a family and looking to upgrade in a few years?
  • Should you be incorporating new safety features for future kids?

If you’ve lived in your home for a few years, do you: 

  • Love your home enough to invest money into it?
  • Want to remodel it to increase value? 
  • Need to add space to accommodate a growing family? 

For those who have been in the same home for a decade or more, answer these questions:

  • Is it better to remodel or downsize? 
  • Should you add amenities that will make life easier as you age?
  • Will these improvements add value to your home? 

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re one step closer to figuring out which remodeling project will benefit you and your home the most!  

Which style category would you place your home in?
There are so many different types of styles — modern, rustic, traditional, modern farmhouse, eclectic, etc. — and if you don’t know what style your home is (or which style is your favorite), your remodeling project will be overwhelming. If you don’t know what the style of your home is, or if your goal is to change the style of your home via a remodeling project, interior design websites and magazines are a great source to help you figure out what aesthetic you want. 

What features are important to you?
This is a question you’ll want to think of in two parts: 1) what features interest you now, and 2) what features do you think will interest you in the future. As of right now, the following features may be important to you:

  • Increasing space
  • Improving organization 
  • Incorporating features that improve user experience
  • Implementing safety features

However, similar to the first question, this question should also be answered with features that may be important to you in the future, whether that’s because you’re having kids, your kids are going away to college or you want to grow old in this home. 

What is the end goal of your project?
The end goal — it’s the driving force for everything we do in life, and remodeling a space in your home is no different! Here are a few examples of what YOUR end remodeling goal may be: 

  • Making a home feel more like your own
  • Your kids just went to college and you want to make improvements
  • Someone in your household needs safety features added
  • You want to change the style of your home
  • You want to freshen up a space

Whatever the reason, goal or vision may be for your home remodeling project, the team at HomeTech Renovations can turn your vision into a reality with our many affordable options! With over 35 years in the industry, the HomeTech team will be there to answer any questions you may have before starting a remodeling project, and they will guide through every aspect of the process. To schedule a complimentary in-home consultation, contact us today!