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4 Remodels for a More Accessible Bathroom


When deciding to remodel your bathroom, one of the things you might have considered is making your bathroom more accessible. For those who are or live with individuals who are movement impaired or differently-abled, making your bathroom more accessible is one of the main reasons to remodeling your bathroom. However an accessible bathroom makes the bathroom easier to use for everybody and reduces the chances of slips and falls. Here are four remodels to make your bathroom more accessible:

Large Dimensions

When building a bathroom accessible for the differently-abled, it’s important to think of whether or not it’s wheelchair accessible. For a bathroom door to be wheelchair accessible, it needs to be a minimum width of 32 inches, The dimensions of your bathroom should also make it possible to maneuver a wheelchair.

Slip Proof Flooring

For mobility-impaired individual, slipping and falling can cause serious injury. Wet surfaces like bathroom tile can increase the chances of slipping and can be a hazard for the differently-abled. Counter this by installing slip proof flooring for your next bathroom renovation. A slip-resistant coating should also be applied to your bathtub as well

Shower Stall and Shower Bench

Individuals with difficult walking and standing can have difficulty with showering. Adding a curbless shower stall with a shower bench. A shower bench provides a sturdy surface makes it possible for differently-abled individuals to shower without the risk of slipping and falling.

Grab bars

These are one of the most important (and affordable) additions you can make to make your bathroom more accessible. Installing grab bars make your bathroom more accessible by providing differently abled individuals more support when using important fixtures like the sink, toilet and shower.

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