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At HomeTech we value creativity, distinctive design elements, and unique pieces. That is why we have featured a few local artists who specialize in various mediums in our Artisan Gallery. This gallery is a collection of local artisans and businesses that have one-of-a-kind items. Their work expresses their love and passion for what they do, and the gallery offers unique finishing touches to inspire you and accessorize your home with all while supporting the local arts. Below is a bit of information on each artisan that is featured.

Lilywork Ceramic Ornament creates unique, hand-made, ceramic tiles. The owners, designers, and creators of Lilywork are ceramists Esther and Paul Halferty. The husband and wife’s experiences with tile production, art education, and traveling have led to their success and the creation of original tiles. Their inspiration is drawn from local tile-making traditions, world travels, historic patterning, and architectural studies.

Anne Foulke is the founder and principal artist at Clay Decor, LLC. She creates every design for their hand-made ceramic tiles and also builds the tiles, vessel sinks, and other decorative elements offered by the company. Foulke’s love of interior design, passion for art, and fine art experiences led her to begin her own business which constantly evolves as she continues to grow as an artist. Foulke’s philosophy is that art is a process of heart, soul, and experience. To learn more about Clay Decor visit their website:

Artesano Iron Works produces unique architectural products that are hand forged or cast out of wrought iron. The renowned artist and master blacksmith, Ricardo Cabera, and his team of highly skilled craftsmen strive to revitalize the ancient techniques inherent in creating iron art. To learn more about Artesano Iron Works visit their website:

Charlie’s Girl Lighting handcrafts chandeliers, sconces, and lanterns as has been doing so for over 35 years out of its studio in Bucks County. The owners of Charlie’s Girl Lighting believe that lighting is the accent that can tie a room together. They offer a wide range of lighting options in a variety of sizes and finishes and also create custom fixtures. The craftsmanship and unique beauty of the light fixtures separates Charlie’s Girl Lighting from all the rest. To learn more about Charlie’s Girl Lighting visit their website:

Carol Nagel has been engaged in decorative painting for over 30 years and is a graduate of Tyler School of Art. She offers a wide variety of paint treatments and specializes in artistic hand-painting projects such as custom murals, faux-marbling, faux-graining, and other hand-painted details. To learn more about Carol and her decorative painting contact Carol via email at [email protected] or via phone at 215-345-7968.

Colkett Painting provides faux finishes, wall murals, gilding, marbling, and graining to commercial and residential properties in Bucks, Montgomery, and Delaware Counties. The talented artists and artisans at Colkett Painting have trained with the best in their field, take pride in their work, and are passionate about what they do. To learn more about Colkett Painting visit their website:

The Antique Store, located in the historic town of Wayne on the Main Line, is owned and operated by AnnMarie Palumbo-Parks who opened the high-end antique center due to her passion for antiques and their history. The Antique Store brings together a collection of experienced and professional antique dealers who provide quality goods and unique merchandise. To learn more about AnnMarie and The Antique Store visit their website:

Brad Smith, along with his wife Sandy, launched Bradford Woodworking after graduating with a BFA in woodworking and furniture design. The business began with a line of kitchen tools that Brad and Sandy designed and crafted, and a few years later Brad expanded the business by developing a line of distinctive furniture. Brad prides himself on developing a design language that is truly his own, and he loves to use old and new materials in his work. Brad is passionate about his furniture not only telling a story, but also being the beginning of a new story. To learn more about Brad and Bradford Woodworking visit their website:

Knobs ‘n Knockers offers a wide selection of decorative hardware from more than 400 suppliers and artisans around the world, and they continuously search for new products and identify new trends to keep their customers ahead of the design curve. Their Peddler’s Village showroom exhibits unique looks, popular designs, and emerging styles, and all of Knobs ‘n Knockers products are of high quality and lasting value. To learn more about Knobs ‘n Knockers visit their website:


So the next time you are looking for that finishing touch for your home think about using one of these artisans and support the local arts. Please visit our Artisan Gallery to learn more about these select artisans and their one-of-a-kind pieces.


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