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Although we spend a decent amount of time in our bathrooms, getting ready for the day and before we go to sleep, we sometimes neglect them with the same design and construction as the rest of our house. An ordinary bathroom can easily be transformed into something extraordinary, almost like a little escape from the rest of your home.

Here at HomeTech, when we are first looking to design or redesign a bathroom space, we look to discover what the client is looking for. What kind of design style do they favor and wish to see in their space? Although there are numerous different styles a bathroom design represents, you can also mix and match different design components to create a desired look.

Contemporary: Features clean lines and smooth surfaces without any adornment. The room contains natural elements and bold color, focusing on the basics of line, shape and form. Surfaces are usually made out of light-colored woods, frosted or clear glass, stainless steel, nickel or chrome and the lighting is designed to create an artistic statement, highlighting the room’s focal points.

 This contemporary master bath that HomeTech designed contains polished chrome plumbing, dark wood cabinetry and leather-finished stone countertops and jambs.  A custom pendant light was chosen to illuminate a design on the walls, adding a certain ambiance.

Modern: This style is clean, using streamlined pieces and polished surfaces.  The walls are usually white with neutral color accents throughout the space.  An important aspect of modern design is the focus on geometry and angular shapes.

This modern master bath, designed by HomeTech, is filled with warm earthy tones contrasted by clean, crisp lines and design. The use of Brazilian multicolor slate, amber-colored glass tile and walnut cabinetry create a relaxing retreat.

Traditional: Features a neutral color palate, with bronze accents and warm wood tones. The shapes in this style setting are typically more graceful and the pieces are constructed of dark wood. The windows treatment is usually a much tailored look with structured panels with the possibility of incorporating simple patterns.

In this American traditional bathroom design, HomeTech incorporated polished chrome hardware, marble countertops and warm, rich wood pieces, creating a traditional adult retreat.

Transitional: This style is the marriage of traditional and modern furniture, finishes and materials. The features include, simple lines, neutral color scheme and the use of light and warmth to highlight the space. The result is an elegant, enduring design that is both comfortable and classic.

This transitional-inspired master bath designed by HomeTech used a pedestal tub as the focal point in front of the large Palladium window. Custom-cut stone tile, an amber art glass shower ceiling, and cherry inset cabinets with a rich coffee bean stain were used to create warmth throughout the space.

To see more of HomeTech’s designer bath remodels, or additional styles of baths, visit our portfolio.

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