What is a Transitional Style Kitchen?

Different tastes call for different styles. Seems simple, right? Simple until you realize how many styles and variations exist in the world of home remodeling and decor. Which leads us to our topic of the day: What is a transitional style kitchen?

A transitional style kitchen is a popular choice among modern homeowners and renovators because transitional style kitchens blends classic function and style with a sit-down dining area or living room. In addition to blending kitchen and dining space, a transitional style kitchen can also incorporate mixed styles in cabinetry, counter top surfaces, color palette, and overall design concepts into a single, beautiful layout.

Compared to traditional designs that often incorporate French and English elements, like ornately carved wood or cabinetry, transitional style kitchens often combine a smooth, modern approach with classic tradition.

HomeTech Renovations has completed a number of transitional style kitchen designs in the Greater Philadelphia area. For more information and specifics about what is a transitional style kitchen, check out our photo galleries of completed projects here.

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