Welcome the Season of New Beginnings With A Fresh Bathroom Makeover: Four Current Bathroom Design Trends

Now that the spring season is here, you may be looking for new ways to freshen up your bathroom. Lucky for you, the bathroom renovation experts at HomeTech Renovations are here to help! From new bathroom color ideas to the latest bathroom hardware trends, our experts are here with the four top trends in bathroom design. 

Brass is Back 

Brass finishes are one of the latest bathroom trends, and if you’re looking to inject a luxurious feel into your bathroom, then this is the trend for you. To accomplish this, opt for a brass mirror, brass light fixtures, brass sink hardware or brass cabinet hardware. How much or how little you choose to incorporate is up to you — there is no wrong amount!

Fresh Bathroom Makeover in Montgomery County, PA

Get on Board with Deep Soaking Tubs

Deep soaking tubs may have never gone out of style, but they’re definitely a staple for bathroom trends of 2020. When you invest in a deep soaking tub, you won’t just take your bathroom trendiness to the next level — you’ll also take its relaxation capabilities to the next level! If you want your bathroom to feel like a spa, then you need a deep soaking tub.  

It’s Time to Achieve the Perfect Yin and Yang 

The trendiest bathroom color ideas this year are polar opposites — it’s either all about dark colors or all about light colors — and this can be achieved with paint color or cabinet work (and sometimes both!). For those who prefer darker tones, try painting an accent wall in a black or very dark shade of green or blue. For those who want to brighten things up, have your bathroom remodeling contractor build in white bathroom cabinets and finish it off with a light paint color. 

This is the Time to Be Partial to Partially Tiled Walls

Having tile in a bathroom is a given, but partially tiled walls are one of this year’s latest bathroom trends. In order to pull off this trend, you’re going to want to make sure the partially tiled wall matches your bathroom cabinets and bathroom hardware. Before you begin your bathroom renovation, consult with a design expert to help you find the perfect balance between your bathroom tiles and bathroom cabinets. 

Now that you know the four current bathroom design trends of 2020, our experts are here to help incorporate them into your bathroom! Take your inspiration and make it a reality. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our team.