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Style Specifics: Transitional

Located in Blue Bell, PA is a master bath remodel completed by HomeTech Renovations which showcases the key elements of transitional design.

Transitional design is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles and aesthetics. Different pieces, materials, finishes, lines, and textures from these two styles combine to create a classic and timeless design. Typically, a common element is used when mixing styles and helps to pull different pieces together, making the space feel cohesive. A neutral color palette provides a clean and serene atmosphere, and this lack of color allows for the integration of interesting textures and patterns. Dark brown or other dark accents are often used to ground the space and to add depth to the layers of beige, tan, and cream. Transitional design fuses the ornate lines found in traditional design with the more basic lines found in contemporary design, producing lines and curves that are simple yet sophisticated. This merging of different elements and styles creates a casual and comfortable feel with an air of sophistication and refinement. The combination of these opposing design styles offers visual interest and requires an eye for balance and careful, thoughtful planning.

This “transitional” master bath remodel incorporates traditional and contemporary design elements, giving it an overall comfortable, yet classic and timeless design. The use of a neutral color palette provides the space with an elegant and calming atmosphere. Light emperador marble tiles blanket the floor, while dark emperador marble is used for the vanity tops and shower jambs, grounding the space and contrasting with the cream colored cabinetry. A glass and stone mosaic vanity backsplash and accent in the shower adds a striking detail which ties the entire space together. In the shower, taupe colored tiles create a neutral backdrop from which the glass and stone mosaic stands out. Contemporary elements can be seen in the pebble shower floor which adds a spa-like feel to the space, the mirrored medicine cabinets, the decorative sconces above the vanities, and the glass accents in the mosaic, while the door style of the painted and glazed cabinetry and the use of natural stone suggest a more traditional design. The decorative hardware and the plumbing fixtures are a perfect blend of the two styles. The mixture of materials throughout the master bath strikes a unique and beautiful balance of texture and tone so common in transitional design.


To see more of this transitional master bath remodel visit our portfolio: Transitional Elegance: Blue Bell, PA.


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