Style Specifics: Rustic Eclecticism

Located in Chester Springs, PA is a kitchen remodel completed by HomeTech Renovations which showcases the key elements of eclectic design.

Eclectic design is a combination of particular elements from different time periods, different origins, and a wide range of historical styles within a single project. Instead of creating a disorganized look, eclectic style provides a harmony throughout the design in which different pieces, materials, and concepts have their own unique places in the overall design. Each element of an eclectic style connects with other styles present in the room to create one cohesive design. Eclectic design is a way of expressing true individuality by playing with color, form, function, and materials, and by incorporating an unexpected combination of styles.

This “rustic eclecticism” kitchen remodel incorporates different design elements, giving it an overall eclectic atmosphere. The use of a variety of natural materials such as character cherry, tiger wood, slate, and brushed black ash granite lends itself to the rustic style, while the cabinetry style, decorative light fixtures, and open layout provide the space with a contemporary twist. The kitchen opens to the family and dining rooms, making the space a dynamic and multifaceted entertaining area, a popular design trend for many contemporary settings. Here bold statements blend with subtle details. This blending of materials, styles, and designs is what is so fascinating and attractive about eclectic design.

This project took on quite a drastic transformation. Here are some before and after photos:

To see more on this eclectic kitchen remodel visit our portfolio: Rustic Eclecticism: Chester Springs, PA

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