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Out With The Old, In With The Modern: 3 Modern Kitchen Inspirations

Home Tech Renovations Modern Kitchen
Home Tech Renovation’s Modern Kitchen Design With Black Fridge

We spend a lot of time in our kitchen space. From social gatherings to family dinners and every meal in between, having a kitchen that expresses the aesthetic that you dream of can truly enhance the mood when you’re cooking, dining, or hosting. Not to mention, remodeling your kitchen increases your home’s value significantly,

making a kitchen design more important than ever! One surefire kitchen style that has grown in popularity is the modern look. Homeowners are raving over modern kitchen designs, making it a kitchen design must-have! If you’re looking for the best modern kitchen design ideas for your own kitchen, check out our latest inspiration ideas for you:

Stellar Stone Surfaces

More than just an elegant exterior look, incorporating stonework into your kitchen design is a fantastic way to harness that cozy, comfortable feeling. From backsplashes to flooring, stone surfaces provide a warm atmosphere, inviting all guests to come in and feel at peace. Stonework tends to decrease the amount of natural light that spreads through your kitchen, adding more of a privacy factor to your space. Although adding stonework to your kitchen may seem like a costly investment, choosing an affordable kitchen remodeling contractor for the job will assist you in achieving your dream kitchen space without breaking the bank. 

Home Tech Renovations Modern Kitchen
Home Tech Renovation’s Black Stone Marble

Shielding Appliances In Style

Although it may seem nearly impossible to work around bulky stovetop hoods, a fantastic modern kitchen design idea to reassure your modern kitchen style is to have glass encasements installed around it! This way, you’ll be able to hide any necessary equipment without being an eyesore, making the most of your aesthetic goal. You can even choose a more clouded glass encasement that takes away from transparent glasswork, keeping your stovetop hood out of sight and out of mind.

Home Tech Renovations Modern Kitchen
Home Tech Renovation’s Modern Kitchen Remodel

Add Color Pops With Pride

As most homeowners may know, the lighter your room is, the brighter and larger it appears. However, that doesn’t mean you need to opt into a completely white kitchen. Many modern kitchen designs tend to be designed with mostly light colors and vibrant colors here and there, adding touches of style around the room. From radiant reds to bold blues, we highly recommend incorporating colorful backsplashes or cabinet surfaces to achieve a brighter and more stylish look.


No matter the route you choose to take when it comes to styling your kitchen the modern way, a modern kitchen makes your space freer to move around and overall more comfortable to be in. This style can enhance your current kitchen aesthetic with ease, whether you want more light shining in or prefer a more private setting! If you want to learn more about how HomeTech Renovations can take your kitchen to the next level, contact our design professionals today.