6 Simple Tips to Make a Kitchen Appear Bigger

When working with a small kitchen, it can be easy to fall victim to less than ideal square footage, inadequate lighting, cramped cabinets, and limited counter space. Small, dimly lit spaces can often feel more cramped than convenient if you don’t employ some simple design strategies. Our experts at HomeTech Renovations are sharing some simple tips on how to make a kitchen look bigger and helping to confirm that “good things come in small packages”!


Use Color

If you’re looking for a low-cost, simple update that will instantly make your kitchen look bigger, changing the color will do the trick. Dark walls will make your small kitchen feel crowded. Instead, opt for on-trend, light colors to visually open up your space. White, off-white, light yellow, pale green, cream, gray, or teal can all create a sunny, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Create a sense of openness and compliment the colors of your kitchen by adding delicate, green plants or flower arrangements to tie everything together. 

How To Make Kitchen Appear Bigger With Colors

Add Accent Lighting

Lighting can play a huge factor in your space. If you’re wondering how to make your small kitchen work, try installing uplighting above your cabinets, putting in a skylight (if your space allows), or adding lights underneath cabinets or at the base of the floor units. The more light, the bigger your kitchen will feel. If you’re installing pendant lights, keep them simple, as big, bulky options can create a cramped illusion. Choose glass instead so your eye can travel through them. It’s also a smart idea to blend your lights with the color of your cabinets so your eye continues traveling upward.

How To Make Kitchen Appear Bigger

Use Geometric Patterns

Incorporating geometric shapes and patterns can create the illusion of a larger kitchen. This design style draws the eye up, giving the impression of a longer or taller space. Whether it’s a geometric shaped window, patterned tablecloth, rug, or accent pillow, use these designs and shapes to create more space within your kitchen. Remember, don’t overdo it—too many shapes can do the opposite and overcrowd your kitchen.


Add Mirrors

One of the easiest ways to create the illusion of a bigger kitchen is to add mirrors. While it’s common for designers to incorporate mirrors into a bedroom or bathroom, we don’t see them used as much in kitchens. Cover an accent wall with a giant mirror or use mirrored backsplash or cabinets to create the same illusion. 

How To Make A Kitchen Appear Bigger

Choose Reflective Surfaces

Don’t stop at one reflective surface in your small kitchen! Sheeny surfaces naturally bounce and reflect light, making your space feel larger. Try incorporating other sparkling surfaces like glass tiles, chrome appliances, gleaming floors, glitzy countertops, and glossy cabinets. Paired with undercabinet lighting, this will beautifully illuminate and open your kitchen.  


Choose Taller Cabinets

If you’re considering replacing your cabinets, choose taller-than-standard cabinets or glass-front doors. This will help guide your eyes upward, making the ceiling appear higher. Not only will this create a heightened illusion, but taller cabinets also provide more storage space, which is especially important in a smaller kitchen. 


There is no reason why your tiny kitchen can’t exhibit some serious style! If you’re ready to learn how to make your small kitchen work and explore several expert kitchen remodeling ideas, you’ve come to the right place! At HomeTech Renovations, we’ve been helping our customers who are looking to enhance and upgrade their kitchens for over 35 years with our design knowledge. When you partner with us, you can expect to optimize your small space and truly transform your home and increase its value. Schedule an appointment with our design team today and receive a complimentary consultation.