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Luxury Bathroom Necessities

Many homeowners in Pennsylvania request luxury bathrooms to transform their homes. Elegant customization and attention to details make all the difference in a luxurious living space. Here are a few features found in these modern bathrooms and whether they’re necessary for your lifestyle.

A jetted tub and a shower

For ultimate spa-like relaxation, a jetted tub will soothe your joints and muscles. A separate shower with jets will also help invigorate the body and mind while you bathe.

Multiple showerheads

Double shower heads offer a raining experience from the comfort of your home. This type of showering technology improves the water flow and gives you a superb showering experience. The dual head covers a larger spray area in the shower. While dual or multiple showerheads are typically more expensive than a single shower head, the benefits are worth it. Plus, they have a very long lifetime.

Ambient lighting

Placing ambient lighting in the bathroom can save you from getting a stubbed toe while taking a tinkle in the middle of the night. Consider featuring it in the shower for a showering experience that will help wash away your stress.

A bathroom television

People with small (or loud) children know it can be difficult to watch television in peace. Place a TV in the bathroom so you don’t miss a second of your favorite sports game or an episode of the highest rated drama series. Sure, you’re family members may ask why you’re taking so long in there, but at least you get some time to yourself, right?

Heated flooring

Walking barefoot in the bathroom during the winter can be very uncomfortable, unless you have heated floors. This upscale necessity really makes an impact on your bathroom experience. Plus, it’s efficient, unobtrusive and quiet.Through radiant floor heating, you have a more even overall heat that warms everything in the room, including surfaces, furnishings, and, most importantly, you.

A double vanity or a makeup vanity

A double vanity is great for couples getting ready in the mornings. A makeup vanity, also known as a dressing table, provides additional counter space for applying makeup or conducting your daily beauty facial routine. It is a lowered continuation of the countertop and can be placed between the vanities or to the side. For additional makeup and accessory storage, consider having it installed with a pullout drawer.

A sitting area in the bathroom

This luxury necessity is great for taking a moment to gather your thoughts or for simply relaxing. Your sitting area can feature comfortable seating, including a chaise lounge or a plush armchair, and a small table to place your favorite book.

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