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2 Simple Tips to Help You Start Designing Your Modern Bathroom Today

You might want to remodel your bathroom because you know it has an average ROI of 86.4%, but what’s the fun in sticking to the numbers? Not only can a modern bathroom remodeling project bring you a nice ROI, it can make your home more uniquely you. Here are a few tips to help you start designing the modern bathroom of your dreams.

Choose the Proper Materials

Getting that modern look in your bathroom requires starting with the right materials. How do you want your bathroom to look? Will it be a modern spa bathroom design? A vintage bathroom design? Here are some materials to consider for a sleek, modern look:


No matter the metal you choose, this material can seriously brighten up your bathroom, especially if you choose a polished silver or gold for your fixtures. If you’re into a more sleek look, consider brushed steel, brass, or even black metal fixtures.


Glass can be incorporated in a variety of ways. Glass shower enclosures, glass tile backsplash, and even glass tile mosaics can be particularly eye-catching. Not only that, they’ll give your bathroom a sleek, minimalist look.


Who said porcelain wasn’t modern? Sticking to simple, glossy colors like black and white can help you create a shiny finish on your bathroom floor or even on the walls. And a porcelain sink basin is always a classic.

Use Modern Elements

Modern, sleek bathroom ideas can come from anywhere, and it’s important that you know which ideas you want to try. Here are some modern elements you might want to include:


The right color scheme can do wonders for your bathroom. If you really want your bathroom to stand out, consider a three-color scheme with one accent color or metal for your fixtures.


There’s no better place to incorporate patterns than in your floor tiles. From individually patterned tiles to a mosaic, this is an excellent way to add character to your bathroom.


Geometrical shapes are very in right now, and they can be incorporated in so many creative ways! From your sink, to your planters, to your bathroom seating, there’s no end to the shape possibilities.

No matter the bathroom, it can look modern in a short time when you use these tips to design it.