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Lilywork Ceramic Ornament is based out of Bucks County, PA, an area rich in handcrafted tile heritage. Lilywork designers draw their inspiration from local tile-making traditions, as well as, world travels, historic patterning, and architectural studies. Their designs reflect cross-cultural elements from historic Korean, Turkish, Roman, Persian, Moroccan, Central Asian, and Spanish decorative arts.

The owners, designers, and creators of Lilywork are ceramists Paul and Esther Halferty. Paul, a graduate of Tyler School of Art, has been producing tiles for twelve years and currently is the mold-maker at Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. Esther, a graduate of Hartford Art School, has gathered experience as a museum assistant collections manager, art teacher in Istanbul,Turkey, and design consultant. She has been creating tiles for eight years. Both use inspirations from travels abroad to develop designs.

To learn more about Paul, Esther, and Lilywork visit their website:

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