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Countertops Become a Work of Art with ThinkGlass by Mailhot

Do you want your custom designed countertops to be a work of art? Do you want them to be beautiful and distinctive statement pieces? Do you want a solution that is green and environmentally friendly? Or do you simply want a clean, elegant look? Then look no further than ThinkGlass by Mailhot.

ThinkGlass is comprised of recycled glass and is, therefore, a sustainable material, and it is created using thermoforming, a process that shapes and molds through the use of heat. The glass can be infused with colors or can be lit from within by LED lights, which add a more artistic touch.

ThinkGlass can be used in a variety of applications for both residential and commercial projects. It is a blend of art and function, all at once providing a unique and custom solution while also serving as a performance product. ThinkGlass can be incorporated into residential projects in a variety of ways including, but not limited to, kitchen countertops, tabletops, bathroom vanities, raised bars, backsplashes, doors, walls, flooring, and shower enclosures. In the commercial field it is most often used to create stunning bars and nightclubs, while it is also utilized for hygienic countertops in healthcare and transaction desks in retail stores, hotels, and offices.

ThinkGlass is among the most exquisite high-end products in the world, and no other material offers such versatility, making the possibilities for its use endless. As the producers of ThinkGlass state, the product offers, “luxurious design with chameleon-like flexibility.” Crafted from 100 percent recyclable glass and serving as a sustainable material, each ThinkGlass design is custom-made with a variety of options for texture, thickness, color of glass, and edge treatment. The finished project is always unique and one-of-a-kind due to the customization of the material and the process through which it is made, so no other kitchen or bathroom will look like yours. Since each design is custom-made, it requires the use of highly skilled labor and craftsmanship throughout the design and production processes.

The technology used to create ThinkGlass allows for the unsurpassed creation of these custom designs. As a leader in the thermoforming industry, the producer’s versatile technique used to make the product allows for the creation of new or repetitive textures at a very low molding cost. The company’s exclusive thermoform ovens are the largest of their kind in North America, measuring at 88” x 152”. These ovens provide for the creation of almost any shape without needing to blow the glass, and allow for curving, shaping, molding, and heat sculpting. The technology can also create glass slabs without having to abide by thickness constraints. The variety of thicknesses, ranging from 1/8” to 18”, provide design possibilities that far exceed what can be accomplished with other mineral-based materials, such as granite or marble. For kitchen countertops, the 1.5” thick glass is the most commonly applied, but depending on the client’s desires can range to 4” thick. These custom glass designs can also be infused with dazzling colors by Master Glass Artist, Michel Mailhot, to create a personalized artistic touch so that the glass becomes more of a decorative art object and less of a utilitarian piece.
To further visually enhance the awe inspiring aspects of ThinkGlass, powerful LED lights can be imbedded inside to provide a glow from within. The LED lights are offered in pure white or a variety of colors which enable the client to create a light show. Programmable by remote control, hundreds of colors can be manipulated to transform the glass to suit the mood or to add interest to a special event. The client has the ability to pick one color, change colors, fade the light in and out, or create a flashing or strobe light effect. The incorporation of LED lights can highlight countertops and backsplashes, and can transform a simple space into the atmosphere the client desires.

Clients will question the durability and maintenance of ThinkGlass, much like they do with any material proposed for a countertop or vanity material. But do not be concerned, as ThinkGlass’s durability rivals all common countertop materials such as stone, granite, and marble. Under normal use and conditions, the material should not break, chip, crack or shatter. Since glass is pure and non-porous, it will not be affected by any chemicals and it is naturally resistant to scratches, mold, and mildew, making it the most hygienic countertop material on the market. Although it can also endure high heat without cracking or scorching, the producers of ThinkGlass recommend not sitting hot pots or pans on glass counters as breakage near edges or corners can occur under certain circumstances. ThinkGlass is virtually maintenance free, since the textured finish hides fingerprints and the material is impossible to stain. Cleaning is quick and easy. There is no need to use special cleansers specifically designed for the material; simple window cleaners or water and vinegar solutions will suffice.

A cutting edge material in the interior design market, ThinkGlass provides clients with the opportunity to create something truly distinctive and inspiring in their home. Whether it is used as a simple, clean solution for a bathroom vanity, or as a bold, colorful statement for home entertaining, ThinkGlass will become a piece that is talked about. So the next time you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, consider ThinkGlass. The possibilities are endless.

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