I think everything is fabulous you guys did such a great job. When we came back it was just phenomenal; it was like being in a whole new house! The kitchen I can’t express enough; Michelle and I both love to cook and both love to cook at the same time and we are not running into each other, not bumping hips. It’s just made such great efficient use of a smaller space for two cooks. We love the look of it; we love the feel! The center island is just phenomenal for working off of.  The appliances are great.  We love the backsplash; the look of the stacked stone is beautiful. By far the favorite is the opening up of the dining area into the living room as well as the bigger doors with the punch out; it totally gave us a whole new area where our large size family could sit down and enjoy meals. It’s a very enjoyable experience. I definitely love this whole bar hutch area here; adding it was just so critical to the whole theme of the household. I just can’t get over whole much space we are able to leverage and utilize in this small area.
The bathroom is incredible it like having your own space away from everybody else the walk-in shower with the beautiful the flooring feels like a massage every time you walk in there. Just the raindrop feeling of the shower head; it’s such a beautiful shower and the glass tile is incredible and the curved shower is amazing we love, love, love the tub; very enjoyable; and every one of the problems we were looking to solve were just solved and even better just phenomenal. You guys did a great job.


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