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Making the Most Out of Your Space for the Holiday Season

It’s true the holiday season is upon us and the anxieties of preparing your home are ever present. Here are some hints to help you gain more storage and maximize space for the holidays. Now is as good a time as any to think about how clutter actually affects you.

Many of us waste hours of valuable time each season, in our own homes, hunting for packed away decorations, or even those gifts we purchased throughout the year and now need to wrap! We anguish over our messy surroundings knowing that soon we’ll have a house full of family and friends, and we wonder how we can possibly get it all together in time. This increases our stress levels causing strain on our health, lack of focus and clarity, irritability, and even depression. Clutter doesn’t give you the space needed to receive the support and comfort that is necessary in life.

Let’s start with the kitchen. Junk drawers can be a hassle or they can be a resource. Because these drawers are frequently used by the people in our homes, making them organized is key, that way it is easy for everyone to put things away after use. Have you noticed that getting things out is easier than putting things away? In the resource drawer, the key to organizing clutter is to have plenty of containers in various sizes, depending on your needs. Check out your utensil drawer or holder. Are there utensils you never use that just contribute to the clutter? Are there too many spatulas and pancake turners? Are any broken, stained, or rusty that could be thrown away to create more room in your drawer or holder? If your utensils are in a drawer, install a divider to keep them contained in one place so they don’t slide all over.

Organize the rest of your kitchen by type of space. Premium spaces are those that can be easily accessed and store items that are used on a daily basis. The dishes you use about once a week, place in a secondary space. And dishes you use about once a year, such as holiday dishes, place in semi-storage so you know where they are but they aren’t visible on a regular basis.
Now let’s focus on streamlining the bathroom. All too often bathrooms fall short on storage space, and items become cluttered. Use our bathroom storage solutions to keep this highly trafficked room tidy, orderly, and looking great. By optimizing the available storage and keeping basic necessities in plain sight, visitors can easily navigate the bathroom to find what they need. Start by clearing off all of your bathroom surfaces. Next, decide which items you can toss and which can be stored away in a closet or drawer. Then, organize the essentials you want to keep out for easy access.

On a vanity, set out a folded hand towel and a collection of your essential toiletries on a decorative dish next to the sink. Plastic or acrylic dishes are inexpensive, unbreakable, and easy to wash. Use the top of the toilet tank as a resting spot for a slim basket filled with holiday hand towels, soap, lotion, mouthwash, and other everyday needs. Keep a basket in a bathroom closet or under the sink that is filled with other items like extra hand towels, toiletries, air fresheners, and toilet paper so you can easily and quickly replenish those that have been used-up. Whether your bathroom is large, small, or in between, you can use our tips to organize a frequently used bathroom and store various necessities in attractive and useful ways.

Bathroom spaces can be tricky, especially when they are small, but creating zones and maximizing storage will help immensely. Keep clean towels visible. Use shelving to provide guests with the access they need to certain items. Baskets can provide texture and flare to a space while providing additional storage. To best maximize a small space like this, put yourself in your guest’s shoes and visualize their needs.

When your home becomes hectic during the holiday season, simple and straightforward organization really comes in handy. Transform your home into a haven for you, your family, and your guests with special, organized touches. By simply creating a home that is efficiently organized, more than half of all housework can be eliminated. Instead of stressing during the holidays, you can thoroughly enjoy spending time with your loved ones.

Need more functional kitchen or bathroom space in your home? Give us a call. HomeTech Renovations can transform your existing space into something customized for your organizational needs.


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