Keep Your Countertops Looking New With FILA Sealer

There are tons of stone sealers out on the market today, but which one should you use? The only stone sealer used and recommended by our stone and tile vendor, Michael Addesso Marble and Granite World, Inc., for all stone products is FILA MP/90 from FILA Surface Care Products.

Why seal stone? Natural stone is absorbent and susceptible to staining. While polished stone surfaces are more resistant to staining than honed surfaces, a sealer is recommended for all finishes as it will keep natural stone looking beautiful throughout the years without much time or effort. A sealer will protect the stone from within by providing a barrier to staining agents and everyday dirt. Sealers fill open voids or spaces in the stone to prevent stains from penetrating the surface and allow you more time to wipe up spills.

FILA MP/90 offers the best stain protection for marble, granite, travertine, limestone, and porcelain stoneware, and the advantages of using it are numerous. It does not alter the natural color of surfaces that are sealed and is does not form film. It is suitable for use on food contact surfaces and is ready to use with no dilution necessary. Overall, it seals, protects, and makes the maintenance of stone easier.

Sealer should be applied every 6 months on marble, travertine, and limestone, and once a year for granite. That’s not much time to put in for long lasting benefits. FILA MP/90 can be purchased at Michael Addesso Marble and Granite World, Inc. located in Norristown, PA. To learn more about this product and for information on how to treat other surfaces in your home, visit the FILA Surface Care Products website.

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